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thank you JESUS

Meagan here :) First of all, let me tell you what brought me to this world. Jesus thats who! I love God && all that He has done for me. The testimonies, the answers, THE FAMILY. Its been a blessing to me. I am going to tell you about one sunday in paticular...ok? Well you know we get up in the morning && get dressed for church in a rush && leave our house at 9am. . . so the choir was singing this fine sunday morning, 24th of August, && we sing 2 beautiful songs (Faithful && Let's Praise Him). God came down upon us on at the very beginning. The 2nd song we sang was Let's Praise Him && it's a fast we ALL got "shiggy" with it!!! WHOOOAA hallelujah it was awesome! The same thing happened at the night service because we sang those 2 songs again...this time it was even more powerful than the 1st service! oh LORD whoever came to that service must have thought we were CRAZY...but you know what?!?!? In the BIBLE i