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WOW. It has been forever since I've posted LOL
Well, I have been doing:
1. Homework
2. Cleaning
3. Going to churc
4. Playing on the computer

I haven't been able to upload pictures because
I haven't put them on my computer.
Well, I have to get ready to leave for school.

Not Random-POEM

Not Random
Random isn't what I'd call it. More like creative. Random is saying something odd out of nowhere. Creative is using your mind. Where you put ideas on paper. Maybe even in dancing & plays. But it's definately not random We're just artists.
Meagan Rowell

Don't Stop-POEM

Don't Stop
Dance. Don't stop for anything. This is your dream remember? Just keep going. You have friends to help you out. Friends like me. I'll dance too. Come on. Don't stop.
Meagan Rowell

I'm A Christian - Poem

I'm A Christian. I'll wear my skirt proudly. I won't give in to the wordly ways. People will ask me why? And I'll say I'm a Christian.
No make-up for me. No sir. Not ever. God likes natural beauty. They will ask me why? And I'll say I'm a Christian.
I won't cut my hair. Not for a million dollars. God says my hair is my glory. Others will ask why? And I'll say I'm a Christian.
Just cuss once they beg. I say NO! God wouldn't like that. They ask why once more? I say I'm a Christian.
I won't do what they tell me. I won't give in to those ways. That's what the Devil would want.
I'm a Christian. You can't change that Devil. I'v got God on my side. He will protect & help me.
Meagan Rowell

No One But Me! - Poem

No One But Me!
There’s no one to be but me.
Why should I do what others do?
I’ll just look like them from the inside and out.
That dark make-up just isn’t my thing.
Piercings and tattoos aren’t my thing too.
And I hope it’s the same with you.

Why should I do what others want?
When all along, me is what I need to flaunt.
I want to be me with the hair and clothes.
I don’t want to change for anyone or anything.

Why should I do what others say?
I don’t want to join the bandwagon,
Or the fake brigade.
It’s just me and my words that I need.

Why should I try to change?
When I’m perfect the way I am.
Dimples, freckles, and my messy hair
I feel I’m pretty so why should I care.

Why should I want what others have?
My life may be bad,
My friends aren’t that great,
But I wouldn’t trade the world for what I have today.

Meagan RowellEmily Miller

a lil' update

Well, it is Valentines Day. Got a valentine? I don't =] lol. But thats okay. I'm fine. [tear] hahahaha jk jk jk Last night [Friday the 13th] my youth group did a drama for our church & guests. It was $15 for adults & $7 for kids. this included food & dessert...the whole charades okay was at least 2 hours...a little bit over for the drama. We served people in costume. It was really fun & we looked really pretty.

pictures to come later =]