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If God is put first...

...Everything will come after :)

Simple and easy, right? Umm, not always so. I'm sure all of us have those moments when we want to do what WE want instead of having the mind of God and do what HE wants. It can be difficult if you're not praying, fasting, and reading the Word.(Having the mind of God)

This is such a familiar story in 1 Kings 3:5-14..
It is written that the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, "Ask what I shall give thee." Solomon probably contemplated asking for riches, a long life, fame, etc. However, he asked God for wisdom, so that he could judge the kingdom.

God saw his heart and knew Solomon was sincere (you have to be sincere when you are asking God for things and for His will), so God not only gave Solomon wisdom, He also gave him both riches and honour, and a longer life if he kept the Lord's statutes and commandments like Solomon's father, David, did.

I can't help but think that Solomon did contemplate what to ask for. I…

Family Weekend (Day 2)

Go to "Family Weekend (Day 1)" here :)

Day 2: Celebrate Uncle Jerry Sr. and Aunt Loretta's 45th wedding anniversary :) / Family Reunion

Get this.. my Uncle Jerry Sr. thought he was going to preach "Family Weekend" at Jerry Jr.'s church in Yuma. Lol. He thought it was just the church and their families. He called his son (Jerry Jr) and asked if Aunt Marg and Uncle Babs could come (remember, they didn't know it was the Rowell family that was actually there) so Jerry Jr said OF COURSE! :) LOL we had to keep the surprise from Uncle Jerry Sr and Aunt Loretta.
(Waiting for the wonderful couple to arrive)
My cousin Jerry Jr pretended like it was a normal service and when he gave the signal, we stood up and faced Uncle Jerry Sr and Aunt Loretta. They were soooo shocked! :) We started singing "Happy Anniversary to you" to the tune of  the "Happy Birthday" song. The service was sooo beautiful. They played their wedding song and w…

Good for Nothing

I read this blog post from Bro. Ballestero this morning... Check it out.

Good for Nothing - Bro. Ballestero

We can't be apart of the world and still be Pentecostal/Apostolic!! We all need to understand that! He hits some points that I know people in our churches do.. But it's still being apart of this ungodly world. *sigh*

Matt. 5:13 "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men."

The Rowell Brothers Quartet

Here is a video of my uncles and dad singing at my cousin Jerry's church in Yuma, Arizona this past weekend. :) Enjoy.

Family Weekend (Day 1)

May 13-15: FAMILY Reunion in Yuma, Arizona!!!!!

I had tons of fun:) I'm guessing close to 100 family members were able to make it. It wasn't a really reunion but for all of us to get together to celebrate Uncle Jerry Sr. and Aunt Loretta's wedding anniversary (45 years!). Uncle Jerry Sr is my Papaw's older brother. Aunt Loretta, his wife, is battling cancer.. the MAIN reason for a quickly planned family weekend.

We left Ontario, CA at 10:30am and arrived in Yuma about 2:30pm. Not too bad of a drive when you are listening to Louis Lamour (or Sacket) stories. :)

Some of us (about 10 Rowells in my family and about 10 more cousins/aunts/uncles) who were in town went out to eat at this Mexican Restaurant-LOL when we pulled up, my Uncle Jeffrey played a prank. He took Uncle Billy's (Papaw's brother) guns from his UNLOCKED jeep and put them in Mamaw and Papaw's trunk of their car.

We went inside and ate yummy Mexican food :) We spilt 5 drinks on our table /: CLUMSY…

Embarrassing Mother's Day Moment

Ahhh... Yes, it was quite funny.. :)

On Saturday night, I had just gotten home from the hospital (visiting my cousin Nolan) and I was in my room getting ready to go to bed. My dad walks in and hands me a card, "This is for Mom." Well, as usual, I wasn't paying attention and thought he said, "This is from Mom." Ohhhhh boy lol.

It never clicked in my head that the NEXT day was Mother's Day, so I was like, "Ooooh sweet. Mom got me a card." ;) It was a Mother-Daughter card, and I didn't really see that is said Happy Mother's Day at the end.

So later on that night, Mom & I were standing in the bathroom and I blurt out, "Thanks for the card, Mommy," and she said, "What card???" Reeaaallllyyy confused.

I stood there, "Ooooh? ... OOOHHHHHHH!!!! Just kidding! I get it!!!! NEVERMIND!!!!"

Hahahahahhahahahaha my Mom & I almost couldn't breath from laughing so hard!!

My Dad gave me the card to sign for Moth…

A First For Me...

I received a burden for missions about a year ago... (I actually wrote about it for my English class and my teacher loved it.)

It was quite the experience, to say the least. I had images/clips [filled with faces that were hurt & searching for help] run through my mind constantly.

It disturbed me.
It made me cry.
But most of all, It changed me.
My Pastor preached on Wednesday night and he mentioned that God was dealing with him about missions.

“We don’t give enough money to missions.”
“There needs to be more time spent in prayer for missions.”
What he said was so good & we understood. He told us of Bro. Thomas, missionary in India, who visited a week or 2 before. Bro. Thomas had preached for the church about 4 years ago (before I was there, I think). He told Pastor that he wanted a group of Pastors/ministers/saints to go to India.

So my Pastor told us he wanted anyone who can, to go to India with him..

And here I am today, telling you, that I am planning on going :)

I have he…