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Knowing God For Youself

Being raised in Pentecost is a blessing. I have a rich Pentecostal heritage that dates several generations back (on my Dad's side).. And to be honest, it was like I had the Truth laying on a silver platter right in front of me at the dinner table. I didn't really work for it, which is where other teens who were raised in it stop. We weren't the ones getting our hands dirty trying to find the Truth.

We know the doctrine (One God, Holy Ghost, Baptism) and we know the standards but it's almost like a, "Daddy makes me dress this way. Mommy makes me go to church." We didn't/don't have the desire to live for God with all we have because we were forced into it and didn't WANT it for ourselves.

*The first generation of Pentecostals in your family WANTED to be in church.*

We need to have the revelation that we can't rely on our parent's salvation, or our grandparents, or our great-great grandparent's. There ARE things we have to get on our own.…

Apostolic Hair

To all my Pentecostal/Apostolic ladies,

Kendra Thaler of I Wear Natural Apostolic Hair has asked Courtney Thaler and I to start hair blogs for our hait type :)

If you have curly hair.. Check out Courtney's I Wear Curly Apostolic Hair

And if you have (almost or totally) bone-straight hair like me.. Check out my I Wear Straight Apostolic Hair

Hang tight because we haven't gotten all the stuff up yet ;) but be prepared for some greatness lol jking.. kinda.. :)

Become a follower and you won't be disappointed!!

Youth Prayer Meetings

Our young people get together every Monday at 7pm for prayer..

Well, we were told we are going to have some of the youth speak to us from their hearts. :) I got a text and guess who was one of the speakers?? Yessss, me. I was so nervous when I got up there.

I'll write what I talked about for you all to know lol
*side note* I didn't say everything I wanted to because I was a nervous wreck..

Basically, my uncle (youth pastor), had told me to talk about what I told him a couple Sundays ago, encourage the youth, God's going to use them, and talk about what's going on in the spiritual realm.

During pre-service prayer on a Sunday night, I couldn't really pray for the service. It's like I couldn't get in the Holy Ghost with that "topic" through prayer. I tried a couple other topics like praying for the lost and for my family & friends. It still wasn't working.. So I began to pray for myself, which I felt like it was selfish lol but it apparentl…

Easter Weekend

Well, I wasn't going to post until next week but I decided to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER :)

Remember Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.

I am going to have a busy weekend :) good kind of busy.. I'm heading to Bakersfield within the next hour to visit family and go see the play "Messiah" that Bro. Frost's church is putting on. I will be back Saturday in time to clean for Easter :P ALL the family is coming to our house this year. Fun, exciting, and stressful lol!

Enjoy your weekend!

Courage in the Altar

It takes courage to walk to the altar (a lot of the time). Especially when you are struggling and going through trials. Most of us feel embarrassed or have too much pride to cry in the altar, shout, or dance in the Spirit. It really does amaze me.. It's like we are intimidated by other women/men.. Have you ever noticed it?

Courage: "havethecourageofone'sconvictions,to actinaccordancewithone'sbeliefs,especiallyinspiteofcriticism."(

I've heard plenty of people say, "The day so&so shouts and runs the aisles is when I'll do it."

I REALLY don't get it! Do these people not have the revelation of worship, praise, and not to care what others are going to think about them?? Sometimes, worship is a life or death situation. :/ Seriously. You won't give God 100% of your praise... You're holding back.. You won't let loose. The saints of God get victory through prayer and worship.

Just because another person in the church …

Spring BREAK

I thought this was pretty funny :P lol! Anyways, folks, I'm on spring break and it has been soooo busy already :/ I've been at the church 2 days working in the gym. On Monday, we decided to tear down the stage we had and clean out everything that was behind it.
2 day process.
It's all clean now and organized (the props, furniture, clothes, sand stage are all in the attic)
Also, our church is having a healing service on "Easter" :) We are SO pumped up!!! Lol
Pastor told us Sunday night that the church as a whole is going to fast 3 days.. I'm READY to eat (to say the least)! Lol It has been a crazy 3 days. The Lord kept His hand upon us :P my soul hungered after the things of God but also hungers after the things God made to fill my belly. LOL!!!
I appreciate everyone who reads my blog :) YOU ROCK!!! Leave a comment about what you are doing/have done for spring break.
God bless you all!

A love for the Potter's wheel

It'll take an eternity for me to tell God how thankful I am and how much I love Him..

I'm sure you will all agree.

God has been soo good. It's not right to dwell on your past (as a hindrance) but I think this is the exception:

When I look at where I was a few short years ago and now, where I stand today.
Constantly, I have been changing for the better. On the "Potter's wheel," God has been molding me into the woman He wants me to be. He had to break me down to make me brand new. It wasn't easy, I can tell ya that. I'm sure God had to use a sledge hammer to shatter my "pot" lol :) If you know what I mean.

Honestly, most of us don't want to be put out of our "norm." When you're life is going great, you don't think, "In 6 months, I'm going to lose my house/parents/job/best friend/etc." I think almost every situation that happens is God's way of placing me (us) on the table to be molded and shaped to HIS p…


I don't think I've ever posted why I chose the title of my blog. :)
It's your lucky day, I guess.

Do you ever have thoughts that come into your mind in the morning or all throughout the day like:
Don't forget to witnessMake sure I wear modest clothesForgive & ForgetGod's blood covers me & He forgave meetc. etc. etc.Well, mine just so happens to be, "Don't be ashamed of God."
I can't hide who I am or the way God has made me.

There are so many different personalities and I have the bubbly & outgoing one lol. I don't know why but God probably said, "She is just THAT kinda girl." At conferences, I'll be with one group & a minute later, I'm with other "new" friends lol. Sorry, it happens :) I meet as many people as possible.

I've learned that this personality HELPS me to be UNASHAMED. I'm not afraid to walk up to someone & tell them about Jesus Christ. Trust me, it's been happening a lot…