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Coincidence? I think not.

There came a time in my life where I needed to get out from being under the spotlight... 
To get away for awhile.  To be alone. To deal with things in my life.
And now I'm here :) writing... 

I  am currently attending North-West College to become a Pharmacy Technician.  (I also work here during the day) A fellow pharmacy student was talking to me before class... She poured her heart out to me.
She was crying-tears rolling down her cheeks. She was hurting. She was contemplating taking drugs again. She was losing her faith in God.
And there I was..
A child of God Filled with the Holy Ghost Having peace in my life  Knowing that God hears me
We cried together. The people that surround us need to hear encouragement and love from God's people. They need the opportunity to walk into a church that preaches truth, that has life! They need to see God through you! 
Don't be afraid to cry with them. God put you with them at that moment... God knew they needed you to be the light. There's no such th…