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An Application

Had to post ;) application for "dating my daughter"

Learning to not hesitate

Man, this gets me big time! At church, and I start to feel like praying for someone or go give someone a hug and say I love them... Then I think twice and doubt myself.

"no, I don't need to do that.." and I keep to myself...

Aghh, I felt terrible when I realized I missed that opportunity. But when I DON'T hesitate and I DO go and encourage a sister or another young person, I know God used me <3 we can't hesitate from a little thought in our mind that God places there.. Because We could be hindering what God wants in the service...

I'm learning to not hesitate and trust that it's the right thing to do.

When He Will Show the "Belt"

God has spared us each time we fell short of perfection. Every time we have sinned against Him. Every time we disobeyed. He never failed to forgive us.. Over AND over again...

We have taken advantage of His mercy.

We have relied on the mercy He would show at the end of this "season" of sin. We expected Him. We had it all planned out too... Go to the altar and pray that God would forgive us of our sinful nature.. But then, we sinned again, the same sin... Again, we prayed but this time we knew He would forgive us, so we didn't pray as "hard" or as "sincere".... We went out and sinned again... The same sin! And every time we went back to sin, we took advantage of His mercy when we came back to the altar. There's the pattern. We sin, we ask for forgiveness but then we sin again. Every time we come back to pray and ask God to forgive us, it's like the Blood/forgiveness/mercy looses it's affect on us. :/ Just like when our bodies get used to (a…

Youth Night

Success!!!! :)

(here is a whole bucket load of pictures)


You know those days you have been feeling really discouraged and down on yourself? You've felt it a lot recently I'm guessing..

Always remember that there is a bright sunshine after a cloudy night.

But God is still wonderful. Even through that cloudy and stormy night. God is still watching you and protecting you. Wait for the rainbow after the rain.

And hey, don't keep these feelings to yourself.. Tell someone about them so that they can encourage you! Trust me friend, it helps! Tell your mentor, a good Godly friend, grandparent, or someone you know who always has something encouraging to say to you. Because you can't go through it alone. You do need your friends, the church, and God..