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Review of 2011: Life Happened

Man, this year hasn't been so good for blogging..

I've been all over the place and almost completely neglected my blog.. I feel terrible for doing so but I was stuck in a rut for awhile and got away from a lot things.

Here's a post that probably won't make sense to some.. But just know I'm ready to get back on my feet.

***And please, don't take this post as if I'm trying to boast or anything like that. Those of you have read my blog in recent years know that I write my heart out to encourage young people. Through my struggles and downfalls, that I know us young people experience, I put my heart out there for you to know that we all go through similar trials and there are people who are here for you... like me.**

I've been thinking about needing to be an example and a role model for girls younger than me(or around my age). It has been tempting to fall in line with the world around me, the stress, frustration and a mindset of neglect of my responsibility. H…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!❤

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with family and friends!

Now, time to celebrate the upcoming new year!!!

Oh, P.S. I took my driving test at the DMV this morning ;) I passed! Yay for a license!

God bless you

17 years ♥

17 years of:

Being raised in the Church Watching family grow Making friends ...
Love Happiness Joy ...
Mistakes Successes Triumphs ... ♥
17 years of trying to find myself in God and allowing Him to use me
♥this little vessel♥

A Professional of a Profession

This morning in my AP English Composition class, we wrote out our EPT (English Placement Test) essay in 30 minutes.. Whew.. If I get a good score, I'll be able to easily get into CSU San Bernadino (a fall back school in case of emergencies). Anyways! I had to respond to a quote by Phyliss Stein.

“The purpose of public universities should be to train the appropriate number of people for the professions. In order to fulfill this purpose, the number of students admitted to each field of study should be pre-set, as in Sweden, so that no more people are trained than will be needed to fill the estimated number of openings in each profession.”

After the essay.. I sat and thought, "Hey, God wants us to be professionals in certain ways, too."

There are Doctors, Teachers, Mechanics, the Tech-savvy, and loads more careers that require extra education and extreme focus. In my argument to agree with the prompt by Stein, I said that this is probably a very smart idea due to the fact t…