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Hanging out && Revival!!!

My friends from Redlands (Melissa & her lil bro, Jade, Valeri, Tricia, Keith, Johnny, & Jimi) and I hung out Friday & Saturday :) Went out to eat on Friday night and danced in the rain with Jade & Melissa! Lol Love those girls! Saturday night was fun at Ontario Mills!! Seriously, hyper that night. Loads of fun! :)

Melissa & I
Sunday's services were absolutely AMAZING! Chris got the Holy Ghost during altar call in the morning & was baptized after! :) Praise God!! Then there was a strong move of the Spirit that night. Powerful! I've been on a "Holy Ghost High" since last night lol.

I love being in church! I love my friends! I love my life. <3

How I Feel...

...What I keep telling myself..

...A minute after...


Beautiful weather brightens my day :)

Wow, the weather in SoCal has been lovely ♥
Rainy & then out pops the sun :) with a pretty rainbow.
Great combo!

I spent 3 days out of my 4-day weekend at my grandparent's house. Some people say their grandparent are "boring" or "too old to have fun" and that's why they don't have a really great relationship with them. Well, I am the total opposite! My Mamaw & Papaw are THEE best of the best!!

Thursday night, my mom dropped me off at Barnes & Nobles bookstore for about an hour and a half :) read cookbooks the ENTIRE time. Can't get enough of those things lol. I got a call from Mamaw saying she was going to pick me up for the weekend. Timing couldn't have been better. I had the most miserable week and I need a break from it all!!! Packing for a wedding on Saturday and church on Sunday, I had a pretty big pile of clothes ;) reminded me of getting ready for PEAK except on a smaller scale.

Friday, my cousins Mallorey & Shelby (and She…

The most important things are learned in prayer.

Last night, I was in prayer and several thoughts came across my mind but this was the one that stood out to me.

1. How are we going to save the world if we can't reach our own cities.

A thought sent from God. Now personally, this hit me hard and straight through my heart! I've had the mentality that if I were to live in a different country, it'd be so much easier to bring souls to church!!! The truth of the matter is that if I can't even talk to people here, then how would I be able to talk to people there?? Every country has it's flaws and tough walls to break through to get people to go to church.

Mexico-the drugs wars and violence
Egypt-mainly Muslim religion
Most Europe countries-fashion
Ireland-mainly Catholics

So many countries ran through my mind and the reasons why it was hard to witness. Several countries in the world wouldn't even allow us to preach the gospel of God.

I had to stop praying for awhile. This had to sink in. If I'm not …