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sickk as a dog

Ughh, you guys! I feel horrible =( I am so sick!!! I have a runny nose & then it gets all stopped up! It's like a schizophrenic person!!! *yikes* I keep sneezing the living daylights outta me :( ughh! When is it going to stop!?


Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!! I hope you have/had an awesome-tastic day :) lol Secondly, I did 8 lessons today!!! 2 WHOLE days of school in one :/ whew! I have to do the same thing the next couple days as well!!! Thirdly, here is a picture of my muddr & I :) (bad pic but watevr)


Less than 15 minutes for my LiveLesson w/ my English Honors teacher :) He's going to be reviewing the scenes of Romeo & Juliet etc etc... BORINGGG maybe lol

LiveLesson #2

Hey everybody!!! =) How are you guys doing!? I'm alright, I guess. Kinda sad but glad ...if you know what I mean lol I have a LiveLesson today for English at 2pm... It's probably going to be boring :/ ohhh weelllll!!! LOL So, I'm just listening to some of my favorite Christian music while studying for BIO & blogging hehe;) CHURCH LAST NIGHT! Bro. Schrekhise, a missionary in Honduras , preached at my church :) He preached an awesome message! "3 Things God Cannot Deny" ~~~~~~~~ I had my first Bible Study on Saturday night :) My friend's mom taught. It was really good & I can't wait for more studies!!! Latero, Meagan :)

The Prayer...part 1

Lord , Jesus, Savior... (Imagine, a young girl who doesn't know the Lord calling out to Him one night. She doesn't know what to do with her life anymore. Here is here prayer.)      "Hey God.      "I went to church Sunday morning... They preached about You. The Pastor said something about You always being there when no one else is. I wanted to see if that's true. Right now, I'm not doing so good. My friends at school aren't answering my texts or phone calls. I really wanted to talk to them. I think You know what's going on in my life and You're just waiting for me to call out to You. Well, here I am. I'm calling out to You. Lord, can You help me?      "I am tired of being pushed around. I'm sick of doing all the wrong and making my life even worse. I'd do anything to have it fixed! Well God, I'm going to bed. Thanks for listening."

blah blah blah...

Good morning everyone!!! :) Feeling kinda 'blahh' today lol Cleaning almost all day =/ BUTTTT the good thing is, I'm going to be spending the night at my friend's house tonight! And then there is church tomorrow! There is also outreach today but I'm not able to go :'( Sad, i know! It's my 3rd week missing! :( I can't go next week either!!!! *tear* Anywaysss, I can't wait for church! I really need to get me some church so :) Talking to Hannah-Banana :)


LOL! So I really haven't done anything besides take a couple pictures on the webcam  in the last couple minutes!!! LOL SOOO much fun ;) but hey, can't complain :) I would call my best friend but I can't use the phone right now! :/ My mom has both the house phone & her cell phone lol I guess I'll just wait patiently :) ..................... ..................... ..................... ..................... ..................... uhh...yahh.... MOM!!!! I need the phone!!! LOL jk Can you tell I'm a random person? ;) Lol it has its ups & downs! Alright! Over & out! (until i get bored lol) Megg!!!

No Limits [Conference]

Hey everyone!!! A few friends & I started up a NEW blog !!! the website is Hope all of my readers enjoy it!!! It's just about a few of us Apostolic Homeschoolers :) Our days as Christians & students! We are in the process of making it LOOK nice lol This is only our first day so bear with us ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In other News lol... A youth conference in Sacramento is coming up!!! March 3-5!!! It's going to be awesome!!! Some annointed preaching & Holy Ghost partying LOL! If any of you are going, let me know so we can meet up & chat :) Lol I'm excited for the preaching & to meet up with friends I haven't seen in awhile! Fun stuff!!! :D More to come later... Mom's on the phone with Sis. Steph talking about it right now :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We also have a drama coming up!!! It's called "The Day After" It's about the day aft

Homeschooling TIPS (#1)

Know what YOU are doing before  you do anything else!!! Example: Know what all the buttons do before you click on them.                            Know what to do with your assignments                            or if you even NEED to do them lol Here is a picture (taken from webcam obviously) ...LOL...

LiveLesson [part 2]

WOW!!!! That was sooo much fun! LOL!!! I learned & everything but we also had a chatroom where we could comment on the teaching... or in OUR case, we made funny remarks ;) Lol!!! Now, I'm trying to find the kids who were in that LiveLesson to email :) FUN STUFF!!! =D

~2 Days after Valentines Day~

It's 2 days after Valentines Day !!! How was ur v-day!?!? Mine was alright I guess lol...I just went to church & had some awesome services!!! =) I didn't get pictures or anything!!! But I didn't wear pink/white/or red!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!?! I wore black skirt from Burlington, I think. & a pea green jacket from Forever21 This is my 5th day of homeschooling. Since we only had 4 days of school last week. =) Everything is going well!!!! I can't wait for No Limits youth conference in Sac.!!!! There's going to be some really annointed preaching!!! And it's going to be so much fun!!! =) MeggRowell

Feb. 12...

I hope you like the new layout :) It was time for a change lol Last night, I decided I was going to start my blog up again. (That's why there was a post that was very close to midnight lol) I'll post some pictures today of what has happened these last 5 months :) My cousin & I after church ... We are pretty random :) LOL! But we have so much fun! (Sunday) I visited family... We ended up taking some pictures... This is what came about :) (around Christmas time) I had a lot of family bonding time :) We went to Mt. Baldy on a Friday night & had a bit of fun taking pictures! We hiked... Oh, the joy of being a 'Rowell' :) lol I LOVE being a Rowell :) I went to MANY youth services & attended a lot of the youth conferences! :) They changed my life! <---This is my uncle & I at West Coast Conference in Fresno, CA. I HAD MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Yayy!!! :) Well, this will be the end of this post for now :) Until next time...

February 11th!!!

It's been awhile since I last posted on my blog!!! My, oh my. It's been WAYYY to long. How have you been doing!?! :) Well, here are some updates :  (since the last time I posted & in no specific order) I have grown in my walk with God! :D I feel like a better person.... I (officially!) got fed-up with public school!!!! I'll talk about it tomorrow.... I attended many youth services that have changed my life.... I found out who my favorite preacher is :) Christmas came & went.... I got new shoes/clothes etc.etc! The camera broke :( So pictures are very limited...they will be coming off of my moms phone.... Made new friends!! :) I am currently doing "Independant Studies" online... YAYY!!! These are the only ones I can think of tonight!!! More will come tomorrow or Saturday! Hope you have a good night/day (depends on when you read this) & God Bless Until next time... MeggRowell