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Thought of the Day

Soooooo wishing I was somewhere in Europe right about now


A Special Touch From Heaven

For many many months, I wasn't feeling well. It was like I had something stuck inside of me that pushed everything about me (bubbly personality, a little ball of joy, Miss Sunshine, full of energy) into a little ball and filled the rest of the space with emptiness [cold]. It has definitely not been the best part of my life, for sure. It's one of those trials where you just want to go back to the year before lol. I'm telling you, I was the total opposite of who I really am. Oh my, talk about craziness. I started to get really sad, kept to myself a lot, and ZERO energy.. Ahhhh it was all bad!!

If you think that I am wallowing around in this pile of mud (not wanting to get out), think again! I've been pushing myself harder to get back to my old self. I've been getting into the Word, praying, keeping in contact with friends/etc. For 3 weeks (up until a week ago), I slept almost ALL day. Not kidding. I told you, NO ENERGY. I didn't want to do anything. No piano, no…

Holy Ghost Radio

Hey folks, if you want to tune in to PEAK 2011, go over to Holy Ghost Radio.

If you want to tune into Heritage 2011 go to First Pentecostal Church and on the right hand side, there is a little section where it says "LISTEN LIVE". Just choose the player you want and listen to some preaching

PEAK is taking place in Oklahoma and Heritage is in Colorado, so be aware of the time differences.

:) Enjoy!!

True Love Waits

Senior Camp 2011 - Morning service with Bro. Buxton preaching :)

At the end of his preaching, during altar call, he had a few of us pass out these little cards (no good picture for y'all unfortunately)

On the front it said, "True Love Waits - 1 Corinthians 6:16-20"

On the back it read,

"Dear Future Spouse,
I hereby choose to SAVE sex until I am in a committed marriage relationship with you.. Knowing this is the best choice for our health, emotions, and spirituality, I voluntarily choose to abstain from sexual activity until our wedding night. Putting aside whatever past I may have, I make this commitment today to you and to God for purity and to setting high standards for my life. once we are married, I will remain true to you, and you will be better able to trust me in my faithfulness to you."

ALL of us young people need to make this commitment, even if your not asked to sign a card stating your commitment to it.. It has to be in your heart. :) Personally, I…

Senior Camp

For those of you who didn't know, I went to Camp West (Sr. Camp) in Sonora, California this past week :) So much fun!!! I'll be posting more later :) I'll leave you with a few pictures

Wednesday morning service :) Bro. Clack preached!!!
Thursday nigth service. Brook, me, Veronica, Jasmine, and Ashley
Sean & I <3 :)

Thursday nigth service! HG shoutdown! :) No preaching, just worship

The group (except for Michael who left earlier in the morning) ready for a 12 hour drive home

And to top it off :) Bro. Clack!

Any Good Songs?

I'm sure you've noticed my playlist at the bottom of my page :)

.. I made it at Project Playlist ..

It has some pretty good songs on there but I'm not "up with the times" or I don't know all those GOOOODDDD "oldies" from Pentecost lol

Help me out!

Leave me a comment with songs you love!!

Something to Think About

I've seen a countless number of people who carry their chargers around with them everywhere (me being one of the many lol). Some people have chargers that they leave at work/etc. It doesn't matter if it's for a cell phone, an iPod, or a camera.

I do this too, so don't worry if you fit into the category :) lol As I type, my charger for my (wack) Blackberry is in my purse. :) lol. *The battery dies too quick* I don't get it.

These chargers are what keep our devices full of life. What would happen if we didn't have them? You'd be left with a worthless and useless piece of metal/plastic. What's the point in having a phone/camera/iPod??

Something else I've noticed, among our Apostolic/Pentecostal people, is that we don't carry the one thing that is very important. More important than our dumb phone chargers.

Our Bible.

Our Bibles are like a charger itself. We open the book and read it, giving us a spiritual charge (like prayer). It gives us an &quo…