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My First Missions Trip (Part 3)

So sorry folks! I've been busy and haven't been able to post quickly :) Here is Day 3!!! Also, another apology, I am sorry I'm not super detailed like Nicole & Bethany Wakefield are on their blog! LOL This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip... Overlooking the city of Puebla   Walking down the streets!   Here are a few of us girls on Friday night ready for the service! Me, Sofia, Emily, Rachel, Brittany, Karoline, & Breana   I love these two girls :) Emily & Karoline Awesome girls to hang out with!   Shy & bashful Leslie lol She really is quiet haha   Our first service there was so powerful! During song service, we had a strong move of God! People were just crying & praying! So touching   During song service.. You can see that the metal door was pushed open (it was so hot inside) and allowed for more room to sit PACKED HOUSE!   We haven't even got to the

My First Missions Trip (Part 2)

Day 2.. We went to Cholula, where there is a church on a hill and the pyramids right below it.. This is a small "Italian Coffee Company" where I planned on having my coffees and morning breakfast... :) a cute placeright across from the Cathedral. Beautiful at night! More buildings.. Through the windows, I could see GORGEOUS chandeliers and beautiful furniture... I was in awe... Seriously lol Me, Brittany & Karoline :) waiting to get on the bus You can see where we are headed... Gary & I sitting on the ledge lol Yeaaaaa, tried not to fall over the edge! The steep climb.. You coud either go up a ramp or take stairs Stairs were the WORST! The next climb was pretty steep Needless to say, I ran up these LOL The view from the top of the stairs Karoline! Part of the group :) I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know every one on this trip So... I'm adventurous.. I went around the gate to the edge of a

My First Missions Trip

It's been a week since I have came back from my FIRST missions trip !!! And I haven't posted about it yet! *shocked face* Lol.. Well everyone, I went to Puebla, Mexico.. Yes, Mexico :) It worked out that I could go.. I didn't have to work very hard to raise the $700-800 because it was almost all donated/sponsored!!! I am SO THANKFUL!!!!! They know who they are and I am SO SO SO VERY GLAD! Here are a few pictures to start :) Okay so how about this.. This will be part 1, including the first day or two! Then more posts will come! Here are the 4 of us who went from my church in Ontario, California. My Pastor's wife (Sis. Clark), Steven, me, & Breana I'm overly excited in this picture! My heart was so full!!! One of my very good girl friends <3 Brittany Boarding the Volaris plane This 13 year old beauty is Sofia :) new friend of mine! Sis. White & Sis. Clark are best friends!  It was only fitting th