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OLD but CUTE photos

Korbin & I
my backyarddd

my backyardddd

Ariel & I at Cerritos Mall

Ariel & I at Forever 21

ok top to bottom.

Families are Forever

My family is large...and we will all stay together no matter what happens. I HONESTLY CANNOT remember most of my moms side! Her family is many times larger!!! So let's see who I can remember on my dads side. Let's start with the great-grandparents... ~Levon (Grandpa Great) ~Eunice (Grandma Great) ~Buster (Papaw) ~Marion (Mamaw) ~Jason (Daddy) ~Marisela (Mommy-Jason's wife)) ~Jared (Uncle Jared) ~Nicole (Auntie Nicole-Jared's wife) ~Jimmy (Uncle Jimmy) ~Shelly (Auntie Shelly-Jimmy's wife) ~Jeffrey (Uncle Jeffrey) ~Kristy (Auntie Kristy-Jeffrey's wife) now for the 13 coousins on dads side... ~Justin (Nicole's son) ~Jonathan (Nicole's son) ~Meagan (ME-Jason & Mari's daughter) ~Michael (Nicole's son) ~Brooklynn (Jimmy's dughter) ~Tristen (Jimmy's son) ~Logan (Jared's son) ~Ryan (Jason & Mari's son-my brother!) ~Madison (Jared's daughter) ~Morgan (Jimmy & Shelly's daughter) ~Korbin (Jason & Mari's son-my brother!) ~Baby Jared (Jared &…

Justin's Sweet 16 :))

Justin is the one without a MASK...he has the crown on. He is wearing footsies that have little space shuttles on them. He also has a pair of dinosaur ones too. I'm soooooo jealous :) lol jk well ya i kinda am becuase I LOVE dinosaursssss. :)))

Yes it is supposed to be upside down... lol ok well that's Michael. (the one with the purple mask) && me (Meagan) with the gold && sparkly one. We were taking so many pictures but I could only put the best/funniest ones on here. :)

Michael && me again! kinda funny faceee ;D

The little people who okleft to rightMeagan(me).Justin.Michael.Lexie.Jonathan.Candace

SEA world ♥

This is Brooklynn....One of my favorite cousins in the whole wide world. (even though she is only 10[11 in december]) She is a gorgeous little girl. ABSOLUTELY (beautiful) Well we went to Sea World on...I forgot the date but it doesn't matter because I have cute pictures!!! lol :) Info about this pictah: We were on the Sesame Street playground... Not that late in the afternoon, maybe 5ish... Had a BLAST!!!

updateeee 10/14

ok so ya. im like so bored and i re-did my profiles background...if you want free layouts follow these steps!!!

1. go to
2. type in... the cutest blog on the block
3. pick a layout.
4. click on it
5. it will tell u the rest