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Finding Your Voice

It's one of those nights...

Where I wish I could go back about 5 years to start all over. Have you ever had those days? Where we can be 15 again, before life got bumpy or trials came our way. Before there was a death, or a tragedy.

I'm going to be pretty honest with all you girls out there who still read my blog. These nights have been an often occurrence since the beginning of the new year. It's been nonstop. The trials, the storms, the tests; it seems like they have been back-to-back.

We have all faced opposition. We have gone through a few storms. Some of us have even turned away from the Truth because of discouragement or hurt.

Let me tell you what has kept me, and most importantly, what can keep you.


God only knows how many times I laid my burdens on the altar during prayer. The alone time with Him was the only thing that could comfort me most days.

This thought came to my mind a couple of days ago on a rainy day before work,
"Finding your voice in prayer.…