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Little Miss is Back :)

Well, well, well. :) Look who just posted. Meagan Rowell is coming back to the blog-o-sphere! After I stopped blogging, I was thinking of what I had posted. (in 2010) *thoughts* Did it really help anybody with their walk with God? Did it honestly help?! Several people emailed me and well, I'm starting it back up, aren't I. :) Look forward to more posts... and ladies, new hair tutorials ;) I've got a few treats up my sleeve for this new "chapter"  in "They Say... "She is Unashamed." Love, Meggs 

Goodbye Blogging World

Ahhh... my last post on my blog ... Yes, I just said that. Please, forgive me. :) But it's time to step away from this whole blogging world. Instead of blogging and writing posts, I'm going to be praying, reading the Word, and focusing on other things that are more important. It's time to take a stand. :) I took a stand against Facebook and Twitter so now it's Blog. *sigh* I love all my readers ♥ I'll miss your comments dearly.... lol :) I hope I encouraged some of you to live a better life with God through my blog :) Hopefully, I inspired you :) I love you all! My emails are: if you'd like to keep in touch or get my number :) Adios friends! :) I'll be seeing y'all at youth services and conferences! With much love, Meagan♥

Teachers Through Christ(:

I know that everyone who has read my blog, has gone to school before. :) Do you remember your first day in a brand new school? You had no friends and absolutely no clue WHAT to do or WHERE to go! You wished you were at your old school so bad but. . . There was no possible way to go back. You had to face it. You were here for year (or less in some cases). I've felt this way SO many times. I moved constantly. The longest I went to a school was 3 years!!!! Then we moved again. It was hard for me to make friends :/ can you believe that!? Lol Me? Miss Outgoing Meagan :) It happens to all of us at one point in time. I remember my first day in 8th grade, Waite Middle School in Norwalk. Wow, it was sooo different than ALL my other schools. I was like oh no. I didn't know what to do :p or where I was lol My 1st period teacher was alright... We kinda had some problems :p lol because on the very first day, I corrected her on her teaching. Kids, don't EVER do that! I learned th