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Well... I just saw a blog with some models on it & I loved this picture. && now I love the model!!! Charlotte Collard! I never had a favorite model but now here it is :) LOL


CUTE stuff as seen in pictures

SHOPPING at Ontario Mills

Well, we had a graduation party for my mom & I so we got some money...AND us girls decided to go shopping (me, erika, & brittany). SO it was going to be us 3 & our moms but then the boys wanted to join in LOL. SO we all went & stayed there until it closed :)) In almost every store we went into I bought something (seen in pictures below) We went into...(not in order) V Generation, Forever 21, Burlington Coat Factory, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, & Charlotte Russe. WOO WOO!!! cute stuff! :)

purse, 2 shoes, belt, v-neck shirt
i saw this belt on a manican in the store VGeneration & I HAD to get it at all costs! only $10!!! not bad :) & then the Vneck shirt also bought at VGENERTAION!

Sandals that i also bought at VGeneration! :) $10 also

I saw VANS at Nordstrom RACK fro $25 && I couldn't pass these up!!!
LOL I had to get them.

Purse at Burlington Coat Factory! $10!!! compared to $35 I was just bargain shopping all day :))

I've been promoted!!! :)

Thursday-June 11th-I got promoted from 8th grade! yippee! I'm free of homework for a few months (even though I still have to go to school for another 3 days). My mom graduated with her Masters from Univ. of Pheonix Saturday! YAY MOMMY!! Well here are some pictures of the graduations. ENJOY!

the view from where we sat

at mommys graduation
mommy & grandma & grandpa Brian, Rene, & Ruben at promotion Sergio, Me, & Phillip at promotion
Karla, Me, & Darlene
waiting to be promoted!!!
Jerry, Me & Rene Aracelli, Me, Brenda, & Emily :)
MY GIRLS!!! Emily, Darlene, Me, Christine, Jocelyn, & Gloria
Korbin, Dad, Ryan, Mom, & me
Me with Papaw & Mamaw

Me & my FAVORITE auntie Jodi!!! :)

The END is Near(er)!!!

I'm officially starting countdown! 9 days until I'm off for summer at last! I have been waiting until it got to the 10th day til I'm out. Now it's here! I get out of school June 17th. I know, it's a really late time to finish middle school. June 11th is the promotion date but what is lame is that we have to do it at the school since we apparently have "so many kids" that we can't go anywhere else. Oh well. We have promotion starting at 6pm until 8pm & the graduating students are having a dinner/"dance" thing from 8pm to 10pm...WOW & on a school night :) The day after that we still go to school BUT we are going to Disneyland from 9am to 9pm. YIPPEE!!! June 15th, we get out yearbooks. OH! June 9th is my track meet, so next Tuesday at La Mirada High! I'm excited because the 2 coaches signed me up for the 100m SPRINT, 440 RELAY(girls), 440 RELAY(co-ed), and the LONG JUMP! OH BOY! Can't wait! If you want any more info leave a …

Lang. Arts Project

Oh my word! I'll start from the beginning...
Sometime last week, most likely Monday, our teacher told us that we were going to be doing a project. What's it about Ms. Baker? You have to create a product & make an ad, poster board, THE WORKS, & present it in front of the class by June 5th. She said we were supposed to sign up for jobs (Production Manager, Graphic Artist, Technical Writer, Ad Executive, & Legal Advisor). So obviously I signed up for Production Manager because I always want to be a leader & be the boss etc etc...but now after a week & a half...not so much. I am very stressed over some of my "employees" because they are not exactly doing nothing but fairly close to it. We asked our teacher today if she could extend the due date to June 8th, which will give us more time to finish our project over the weekend. I am really not supposed to be doing any work but I have been a VERy generous "boss" by taking over getting the bo…