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Ingredients For Your Mac&Cheese

Yes, you read the title right :) Let's say it all together now, "Ingredients for YOUR Mac&Cheese." Lol sounds like an odd post right? Well, today I was making mac&cheese for my little brother, Korbin :). Right after I'm done taking the water out, I look in the fridge. (I should have looked in the fridge BEFORE I started making it though.) I realize my mistake ;) but I couldn't find any butter! I was like "OHHH GREAT!!! Korbin you're not going to like it this time!" So I text my mom saying, "There is no butter!?!?!?!?!?" She text me and said there were these small little packets of butter inside the door of the fridge. So there is like 6 or 8 of those small cups of butter and I was relieved that I at least had SOME type of butter so it didn't taste TOO bad. The end result was: it actually tasted OKAY :) Lol But as I was in the process of getting the butter, I thought of doing a post about it. :) I was thinking "Ing

A late night post...

Yes, I know it's already 10pm! :( I do realize I haven't posted anything at all today. I kind of had trouble about thinking of what to write about. I tried to post, but FAILED miserably. start off my first post of the day... My day was pretty horrible....tonight, it's better ;) This morning, I woke up around 7:30am...I stayed in bed until 9:30am, when I finally realized I had so much work to do :( Those first "awake" hours were actually "on-and-off sleep". Lol I didn't even feel like texting Kendra back lol! (Sorry ;) haha) I was just so comfortable laying in bed!!!! Hahaha!!! But I had to get up and start my studies :( It was going okay until I remembered I had to redo a test! :'( aghhh!!! Not fun!!!! But I really don't want to rant talk about my day/night right now lol...That was just a brief summary of what happened ;) A second thing I'd like to add to this post is.... HAVE PATIENCE!!!! I know, FOR SURE, it'

"The Power & Influence of a Woman"

My pastor, Pastor Clark, preached this message to our ladies last night. I don't know how to describe what happened but it was truly amazing. There was a break in our ladies last night. Our men in the church are really awesome and are more "on top" so to speak. (Sorry, don't know how to describe what is running through my mind) Well, Pastor was saying how he has been in churches where men are on top spiritually, prayer and fasting. Others, the women were the ones running the aisles, praying during pre-service prayer, and working in the altars. Some, he said, were balanced. Both the men and women were used in the service. He said we needed a break through in our ladies TONIGHT! "Men think with their minds and women think with their hearts." He started telling us about women in the Bible that had power and influence over men. From Jezebel to Eve (This part was mainly for the married couples but us single, youth girls got some good stuff out of it too). Wiv

To The Girl Who...

I found this article on and I thought I needed to share this with all my fellow Apostolic ladies out there :) The Girl Who... "To the girl who didn’t get asked to the Christmas Banquet or get a rose on Valentine’s Day, To the girl who won’t settle for second best but keeps praying for the right guy to come and sweep her away, To the girl that watches the “spiritual guys” flirt with the girls that wear their clothes too tight, To the girl who refuses to wear the short skirts to get attention because she knows it isn’t right, To the girl who won’t lower herself to stalking and chasing a guy, To the girl who passes on being the center of attention and settles for being a little shy, To the girl with the personality that would make a guys head spin, To the girl who waits patiently at a guy’s heart’s door but is never let in, To the girl who is called smart, interesting, and cute – but never hot, To the girl who was passed over for the “ditzy ones” and

Extra Credit & Hearing Sermons

Hey guys. Sorry, I won't be doing a good post today lol There will be one tomorrow, hopefully :) I have to do some extra credit. The good thing is that I'm listening to some sermons while I try to get it done. Alright, love you guys! Meggers<3

What's happening?

Alright you guys. :) Last night, my youth group, that consists of more boys than girls... (I think the ratio would be something like 5:1, 5 being the boys and 1 being girls) ...went to a SoCal Summit :) a youth conference held in Redlands, CA. Bro. Phil White preached and boy was he preachin'!..... "Wasted at Noonday" ..... Awesome, awesome message! Hopefully some of you reading my post attended this service last night. I bet it helped everyone of us. Little Miguel almost got the Holy Ghost :D He was soo close!!! So you guys. You definitely don't want to miss another youth service. You wouldn't miss a church service, right!? Well, hello!!! This is a church service...even though there's more youth in this congregation ;) The next youth service coming up is in San Diego, CA. :) It's called Youth Connect and it is on June 17th and 18th!!! Evangelist Bro. Cody Marks is preaching again :) Definitely don't want to miss it!!! I heard him preach la

~Sunday School Songs~

Do you remember going to Sunday School class? Those songs?? "Father Abraham" and "Just like the Bible says"??? (To be specific) Remember falling on the floor to "sit down" for the Father Abraham song!? Lol Crashing into the kid next to you!? Lol. We did that every morning and night for Sunday School (morning) and Kids Class (night). But I'm not exactly trying to retrieve memories of our favorite songs back in the day. Try to remember the words... *shouts* "Father Abraham and many sons, and many sons had Father Abraham. I am one of them and so are you, so let's just praise the Lord!...Right arm!..." :) This song has a lot of meaning. We may have just been goofing off in Sunday School but I'm glad I was thinking about the words now and what we were saying. There are many sons and daughters who are chosen to walk with God and to do His works. "Let's just praise the Lord!" Now, moving on to the next song! I was

Bible Club

Have you ever had the urge to join a club...or even make one? I remember in 7th grade, I heard about a Bible Club. I honestly thought "How lame! Who would do that?" I never thought twice about joining one. Throughout that year, a few of my friends had joined, I heard about them reading through the Bible and other things related to that. Well, you see, back in those days I didn't really want to be a "light" unto the world of lost sinners. I pretty much was one! I just wanted to fit in and be accepted. I got what I wanted. I acted like them. My sinner friends influenced me. Everything was a mess. I was a total brat. I had the worst attitude. I just wasn't doing right. I'd get in trouble at least three times a day. Who told me to "get it together"? No one. There were things I did that I knew weren't right. What I wore, for example. Even though I was going to church and trying to live the Christian life I was taught, I couldn't do it.

Don't Have Enough Time?

***This is my first hair tutorial everyone. Lol so bare with me okay :)*** AND SORRY FOR THE BAD PICTURES! Alright, so you know those days where you have 10 minutes to get out the door !? (5 minutes to get dressed and 5 minutes to do your hair) You have to chose a plain and simple outfit and to top it off, you chose a plain and simple hairdo, the granny bun. Now, I'm not saying the granny bun isn't cute but I mean come on. People can tell you're in a rush with that hairdo. :) Lol. Why don't you try the 5-Minute Do ... :) My Auntie Kristy taught me and a few others this hairdo. It's really simple but if you add enough of your style or a little design, it can look like a cute bun :) So ladies, I give you my first hair tutorial :) MATERIALS: Bobby pins!!! (Big and small) 2 hair bands Hairspray (your choice) Mirrors or course ;) Firstly , I washed my hair and brushed it out. Let's say its morning and you're rushing to get to school/church or what

The Beauty Contest

Why don't y'all take an hour or so to listen to this message. This is Eld. Jonathan Alvear from Sulphar, LA, preaching at North Little Rock Camp Meeting 1998 check it out :) and enjoy!!

Phone blogging:)

Hola! :) Lol here's some news: I GOT A PHONE :D So I'm going to be posting from a computer or on my phone so be prepared! Lol there will be many random posts (: GET READY FOR MORE MEAGAN :D hehe! Loves, Meggrs

Spring Break :)

Okay, so even if I'm doing independent studies, I still get SPRING BREAK ! :) Haha! My brother commented saying, "She's on spring break all the time Mom!" Lol. It was pretty funny! Now, I'm just home and picking out some spring outfits ! I've still been stuck in "Fall/Winter/Autumn" mode, whatever you call it lol. So there has been a lot of black in my outfits these past few spring weeks. :( But I'll get it together soon :) Lol. Just have to start this next week organizing some spring-ish clothes. LOL Does anyone know where to get CUTE sandals (of any kind...) even wedges for this spring/summer?! I am due to get some new ones! The ones from last year are just worn out! Haha...Mine were cheap white ones though. I need some really adorable ones this year :) If you have any suggestions, leave a comment about where & how much! PLEASE & THANK YOU! Oh & also nothing that breaks the bank if you know what I mean ;) Haha. Is there any

Wrap me in Your arms :)

Isn't God good!?! Can I get an AMEN! Lol :) Church has been awesome! The drama "The Day After" was awesome! There were so many backsliders & sinners who came & got (re)filled with the Holy Ghost! Thank you JESUS!!!! If I can grab any pictures from anyone who took them, I'll post them :) lol Sadly, I haven't taken very many pictures in a few months! I hardly take pictures of myself anymore! Wow! Thats just plain crazy :) Lol... So sorry I haven't been posting very often. I just do random posts when I feel like it! Trust me, I'll be doing better soon! Like next week when I have spring break :) I'll do some good posts! Love you guys xoxo Megs :)