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PEAK Pictures Post #2

The next couple posts are going to be from the services :)

YAY!!! *BIG SMILES* Time for church :) Steven gives a big thumbs up!

Jonathan, Miguel and Michael :) studs :p They probably got about 5 girls' numbers ;)

Sis Alicia and Sis Rachel!!! *cheese!!* Great chaperons!!

Umm... Huh???

Take 2 lol :)

Fleepers and I :D awww!

Us girls(: <3 <3 <3

PEAK Pictures Post #1

Alright, there are WAY too many pictures to post in one :)
so look forward to the next couple posts!!! :)
Here are our casual pictures... On the plane or at youth hang outs(:
Michael and Moses :) Plane ride 5 hour trip and they spent ALL that time on their ipods :p

Sis. Alicia :) Still in a good mood lol

Jeremy!!! Hahaa! Plane ride

Jonathan, Andrew and Devin! Hanging out at the gym Thursday night(:

Moses,"mi primo" I think the last day

Me...Michael...Baker...Devin I was super tired :/ lol this is the day we were going home! :( So I was nodding off on my cousin's shoulder lol We hardly got ANY sleep!!!

Gorgeous Headbands

There is a young lady out of Sacramento with a burden for missions and is on her way to Belize...check out her beautiful headbands. You can't go wrong supporting such a great cause.

Really, they are beautiful!! I emailed Chelsea to see if I could buy one :) Another good thing, the prices aren't bad! Around $20 is what she told me :) I don't know about you but when you think of supporting a cause, you think of paying big bucks lol I can't wait to see all the other headbands!

Keep it up Chelsea!! I hope you do good on your sales! :) 

*** If you would like to purchase one, email her at

Life Changing Conference

We expected changes and that's what we got every service…

Friday morning, Bro. Buxton (pastor in Chula Vista, Ca), preached. When he started preaching standards, everyone in the place was shouting' "AMEN!" and saying "COME ON!" And then he started talking about Twitter and Facebook. Wooo!!!!! You can bet some people got quiet lol

         "You better get off of facebook                and get YOUR FACE inTHE BOOK!!!!"
-Bro. Buxton

Man! Some good preaching that morning! And at altar call, he told everyone to get out of the way and have anyone wanting to be in the ministry to come forward and try and get in the altar. It was amazing. I felt so good that morning. Sis. Rachel came up to me and hugged me and said she was excited for what was in store for me. Man, I was in tears. I want to be used by God! I may be just a 15 year old girl but I know God can use me!!

Friday night…indescribable. My youth group tried to testify about it and STILL we couldn’t fu…

2 days(:

My youth group is leaving on Wednesday morning to go to Oklahoma :) I can't wait!!!

I still have to pack though): Agh!!!

I'll be taking a few pictures at PEAK :) lol I don't have a camera so it won't be like last year where I had a bajillion pictures but oh well.

Have fun this week!!!


Are you ready!?

Most of ...You know that PEAK 2010 is in ONE WEEK!!!

*shouts-Thank you Jesus!*

PEAK has been going on since 2008 and is a WPF conference :) If you have never been, I hope you are going this year or in the years to come! There is NO OTHER youth conference like this! I am NOT joking! Go onto and check out "PEAK youth conference" ... You will be amazed, you will feel the annointing JUST through watching those videos...Now, imagine if you were actually there! The annointing is so strong at this conference :) My youth group got slain, people recieved the Holy Ghost, our lives were changed!!

PEAK is in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Spirit Bank Arena. Go check it out!! Stop by and sit in one of the services (if you CAN sit lol, you'll see what I mean by the videos)

We are NOT ASHAMED to JUMP, DANCE, RUN, SHOUT, and CRY!!!! Don't be afraid to shout your hair out! Don't be afraid to take off them high heels! Don't be afraid to take off that suit jacket so you can h…

You Can't Do It Alone

You know when you want to act like you're strong and act like you don't need any help?

For example: You are about to carry that HUGE BOX up the stairs...without help! In your mind, you are thinking, "I don't know. I don't want to ask for help though. It'll make me seem kind of weak," but out loud, you seem to be screaming that you can do it! You've got 'guns'... lol

In Exodus 18, it seems like it...Moses sat down to judge the people. He was doing it by himself when his father in law, Jethro, came up to him and said that he could not do this alone. He would get burnt out. He wouldn't have enough time and energy to talk and solve all the problems these people had. SURELY he couldn't do it on his own!

(Exodus 18)

"(14)And when Moses' father in law saw all that he did to the people, he said What [is] this thing that thou doest to the people? why sittest thou thyself alone, and all the people stand by thee from morning unto even?"…

He left :(


These weeks have gone by TOO fast :(

Sean left on Thursday night to go back home! :'( *tear*

I am so glad he came down though!!! So many memories were made the 3 weeks he was here :) Too many to tell about<3

Well Seany :), hope you're having fun back home :p lol see you soon hopefully! :)