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HIGH school :)

Sorry, haven't blogged in awhile. I have been out of town these last couple weekends & busy over the week especially with school starting Monday. I went to Vegas 2 weekends ago bacause my aunt had a baby boy, then to Palm Springs (well somewhere over there) for my parents business trip. Absolutely terriffic :)

My first day of high school began 3-4 days ago. Very tough considering I didn't know anybody but I met several new people throughout the week and began having fun. LOL. Spanish class has been the funnest so far. I need 4 years of it so, make it F.U.N. I got some new clothes from my grandma (pictures to come) and I wore one of them today. I'll wear the others tomorrow & next week.

So far, that's it :)

Hope you are all enjoying summer and/or school :D


Well, sorry for not updating for a VERY long time. :D Hope you will forgive me. Just recently I went to Oklahoma for a youth conference. July 22nd to the 24th :) Most fun you could ever have and a powerful move of GOD. Here are some pictures I took. (These aren't all of them but the only ones I will post) They are from every day & night we were there. It was like a RUNWAY show over there. No lie. All the girls were dressed up in really cute stuff I am saving up to buy ;D LOL Well, Hope you enjoy :D view from the plane
PEAK '09 in Tulsa's airport


My people in MY van :D

The LADIES :))

Our MEN of the group lol

Miss Brooklynn & I at the 2nd service

I rode in a carseat :)

Justin & I

Hannah, Jazmine, me, Kassidy

Our youth pastors (Jeffrey & Kristy)

Mamaws girls <3

Jazmine & I

Geanie, Ari, Hannah, & ME

BYE everybody! Our late trip to REASORS lol

Flowers for Auntie Kristy<3

Brooklynn & Makayla at the Pheonix airport

Alayna, Sis. Morton, & I