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*yawn* I'm just sitting here in class about to take my Nuclear Chemistry test... God is good.. :) *tired smile*

New Phone:)

Hey friend :) ! I got a new phone on Saturday because my Blackberry broke. So I upgraded to the iPhone4 :) yippee! However, I had to change my number and I lost all my contacts :( if you wouldn't mind, all my dear friends, send me your phone number in an email: I'd really appreciate it!:) especially all my blogger friends that I like to talk to lol

Earthquake Drills

Minimum day here in Ontario, CA :) Earthquake drill: We were told that this fake earthquake was a 7.19 lol and it was only a stage 1 drill, meaning we only had to go right outside the building because the buildings aren't falling. However, don't you think a 7.19 earthquake would topple buildings over? :/ So it should have been stage 2-going to the football field where there aren't any buildings... Hmm. Idk... A more realistic earthquake # would have been better :) lol Since it's minimum day, I need to catch up on loads of homework!!! Great. How's school so far for all you school-goers? :) I'm making more friends and getting around the school. It's funny because my teacher from Freshmen year (only did the 1st semester) at the high school, Ms. White for Honors Biology, remembered me. She came into my 6th period and saw I was in there! I was like, "MS. WHITE!!!!" :) Hahah she was all excited to see me. She said, "It's good to see you! I

Ladies Retreat Weekend in Pictures

We shopped . :) We ate. :) I had to have sushi :) Pretty relaxing :) lol

Something Funny

Most of you can see I've been blogging for awhile :) quite a few years. It makes me laugh. You can tell that over the years, I have changed. I used to blog about the most random things EVER. Now, I try to focus on spiritual posts. Ones that relate to my readers, mostly youth, and make it easier to UNDERSTAND what some stuff in the Bible mean (how I received revelations from hearing the preaching etc.) Man... If you go back to the first year of me posting... Hahahhaha you can notice the difference. By the way, I know I haven't been blogging as much---a friend of mine sent me a text and giving me a hard time about it! When he doesn't even post frequently on his bloggity either! *cough* Elias *cough* :) School is a pain and church is where I find my rest (where I spend a lot of my "free" time:) I'll try shooting for posts more often ;) Thanks for understanding <3