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Follow by EMAIL!

Hey non-followers!! (Those who chose not to click "Follow") I have something new for YOU! :) On the right-hand side of my blog, there is this new gadget... Follow by email! Just type in your email and you'll receive a confirmation in your inbox. What are you waiting for!? You know you want to.

Permit & Food!

Yea, yea. It has taken me forever but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, right? ;) I went to the DMV yesterday (Tuesday) and took my written test. *Only missed 4!* Anyways, we celebrated at Benihana that night! Mmm mmm good. Delicious food. We'll probably have leftovers for a week or 2 ;) due to me being a "bird eater"... that's what my whole family calls me. Papaw (if you are new to my blog, "Papaw & Mamaw" are my grandparents on my Dad's side) said he was going to take me out to dinner either tonight or over the weekend! Yumm. Any suggestions?? (No Mexican food please. Or American) I'm open to VERY authentic and DIFFERENT varieties of food. I don't like how on every corner there is a hot dog stand, burger joint, mexican restaurant, or whatever fast food place. LOL. Give me some GOOD food! Post later :) Love y'all

Friday night :)

Wow!! So our youth choir sang this song at the youth service last night in Rialto: Battlefield - Norman Hutchins :) loooveeee. Everyone said we did really good. We were all so nervous and at one point, Michael broke his drumstick!!! He did sooo good though! :)) The Holy Ghost moved in the service as Bro. Tim Smith preached! Awesome, awesome, awesome. Everyone who couldn't make it, I'm sorry but y'all missed an amazing service. Afterwards we played Broomball :D woo woo!! Sooo much fun hahaha I got so competitive though and I had to chillax before I slammed some people to the floor ;) Sis. Gracy from Bro. Bertram's church got hurt though! I stayed with her while she was hurting and walked her to her van when they were leaving. Aren't I sweet ;) Hahaha. I love Sis. Gracy! It was like 12:30am by the time we got out of there! We headed straight to Dennys lol!! Our youth group hung out and I didn't get home until 2am.. We had outreach this morning but I coul

Sick to my stomach..

I'm surprised at what I hear at the DMV.. A lady behind me told a man "Once saved always saved.. Just profess your love for Jesus Christ.." I'm not lying when I tell you her words made me sick. I pray I see those people again.. I'm sad/mad because I couldn't interrupt & tell them the truth about God.. Dumb appts interfered. It makes me sick to my stomach that I couldn't butt in and start telling them the TRUTH!!! AGGHHH! I am not kidding! My stomach is turned and it feels like acid is in my mouth.   God has definitely been testing me this week!! Tons of opportunities to witness to someone.   Jesus, give me another try!!! I'll make You proud!!

Be the Teacher

Hmm.. I've been thinking about career choices lately. I want a job where I can make an impact on the world, let my personality shine, be a leader , make someone happy , and help others . I think that "teacher" fits into this category. :) Looking back, I can name a couple teachers that were just so incredibly awesome.. It was an instant *click* with them. They loved ALL their students, even the ones who were causing trouble in class :) they were patient, kind, and every student loved them. I can honestly say that Mr. Bittner & Mrs. Baker were definitely the best teachers I've had so far. Mrs. Baker was my English teacher in 8th grade and like I said, instant *click*!!! She was funny and made learning fun :) She helped every student with what they needed no matter what. The classroom was filled with laughter (even on testing days). Mr. Bittner was my Science teacher in 8th grade :) He totally understood ME! He was/is a non-denominational pastor and made

Crying out in Desperation... Saved to Serve

I have a reason for posting the lyrics to these two songs.. just keep reading and pay attention to details  :)Thank you Hear Us From Heaven Lord, hear our cry Come heal our land Breath life into these dry and thirsty souls Lord, hear our prayer Forgive our sin And as we call on your name Would you make this a place For your glory to dwell Chorus: Open the blind eyes Unlock the deaf ears Come to your people As we draw near Hear us from heaven Touch our generation We are your people Crying out in desperation Bridge: Hear us from heaven, Hear us from heaven, Hear us from heaven (4x) I Give Myself Away Chorus: I give myself away I give myself away So You can use me I give myself away I give myself away So You can use me Verse 1: Here I am Here I stand Lord, my life is in your hands Lord, I'm longing to see Your desires revealed in me I give myself away Verse 2: Take my heart Take my life As a living sacrifice All my dreams all my plans

Happy Days

Sometimes THIS is all it takes to brighten up my morning :) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  Send a crazy face to a friend It WILL make them smile. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Talent

I’m not a singer. I’m not a musician. I can’t preach a sermon. Neither can I write a book. However, if you didn’t notice, I can worship!! Pentecostals/Apostolics tend to think that if they don’t know how to play the organ like a pro or sing like an angel, they aren’t talented. My friends, do not be deceived :) All of us are talented. . . With our words of encouragement Our worship/praise In prayer! Praying someone through to the Holy Ghost! Inspiring the people around us! YES! These ARE talents! We all have heard/read the story in the Bible about the men receiving the talents (Mathew 25:15-30) . *Why don’t you get up and get your Bible, wipe the dust off of the cover and turn to this story because I’m not going to write out the scriptures :) Thank you.* Because one of the men went and HID his talent, it was taken away from him and given to the man who had ten talents. Are you going to hide what God gave you? Talents need to be used, so don't sa

If you didn't already know.

I'm moving. Just kidding ;) Well. at least for now. I would LIKE to move HERE (bottom pictures give the hint) It's all a dream. *sigh*

Mandisa - True Beauty - w/lyrics

I smiled soooooo BIG throughout this whole song!!!!! :D A friend sent this to me via email... She said it reminded her of me :) Awwww. "What's inside of you!? What's inside of me!?...." Ahhhh!!! Falling in love with this song and laughing at the same time! Enjoy

Just Watch Me.

Is it bad to look back a few months and say, "I want to go back"?? Um... Well, that's what I've been doing. I want to go back, before the storm ever began. I want to be on that mountain top instead of low in this valley. I feel like a mountain climber ... I fell a couple hundred (thousand?) feet but was saved because my rope caught onto a boulder. A sigh of relief escapes my lips but how do I know that the rope isn't going to rip? I need to start climbing again. (The trial was bringing me down & down.. Yet I was able to hold on to some part of my sanity.. And I didn't fall low enough that I would never be able to get back up again.) I lost my footing, which caused me to slip and fall straight to my "death." Oh, joy right? Not. It's definitely not the BEST feeling to be 'free falling' through air, knowing that in 500 feet you are going to die. I am pretty positive that when you feel that tug of the rope (getting stuck), you w

Youth Prayer

Mondays @ 7pm ... Most of you know that I HATEEE (yes, hate!) missing youth functions and church. I had to skip a lot of youth prayer nights :( It really bummed me out. However, I've been getting back to going recently and this Monday was one of the most powerful I've been to! I was at the church 30 minutes early because I was having a rough afternoon and needed to just BE THERE already! Then 7 rolled around and more of our young people arrived.. about 7:30 (I'm guessing) my youth pastor came over to our ladies, who were all in a prayer circle, and told us he felt it in the Holy Ghost that we should have one person in the middle to be prayed for and after we are done praying, we move to the next person (whoever wanted prayer). As we pray for this person, let God use you to encourage/correct/rebuke them. Whatever the Holy Ghost leads you to do. *The guys had already started doing it and you could see them getting blessed!!* We pray with Tania, she has been wanting the

Do you...

Have that ONE person in your life that tells you a bunch of lies and steals your happiness ? Takes away your BIG smile and gives you tears of sorrow ?? Puts  DOUBT inside your head  and feeds off of FAULTS ? Yeah?! He is in my life too! I told him to back off last night... Dumb Devil, when is he EVER going to learn? :)