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Where have I been?

Has it really been almost 2 years since my last post? So much has changed. (Honestly, I am updating my blog because I like to reflect back on how far God has brought me. Forewarning, don't read if you don't want to take a look into my life the past year. This blog has many memories and I want to add on to it.) 2 years seems like a lifetime ago. I was hurting, broken-hearted, uprooted, and quite frankly, needing God more than ever. I questioned everything I was taught and needed answers, but thankfully, there was one thing I knew for sure... God had plans and He would be all I needed. Fast forward to October 2017 and I have lived in the state of Washington for a year, moved into my dreamy studio apartment in August, and I work in beautiful northern Idaho making & working more than I would have in Southern California. Who would have thought? Little Miss Meagan, moving 1.300 miles away from her family because God opened doors and said, "Come." This plac
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The Struggle is Real

I am not usually the person who spreads their woes on Facebook, Instagram, or blog. Tonight may be the exception but I will refrain from letting emotions get the best of me. We are all facing trials. Whether you are 16 years old and tempted to cut your hair, 18 years old and thinking about leaving the church since you are technically an 'adult', 21 years old and being pressured to drink, or 24 years old and struggling with hurt and depression. The struggle is REAL! The truth is, we are all at different points in our walk with God and, believe it or not, the trials are ALL God-ordained. They have been put in our life specifically for us and to make us more like Christ. The struggles you are facing are a test of your faith and love for God, but they are also there so you can learn from your mistakes and help others when they go through the same trial. Honey, if you are dealing with hurt, I could quote scripture after scripture giving you encouragement and to cast your car

Spokane, WA

This past weekend, I visited Spokane, Washington! Completely different from Southern California and I loved EVERY minute of it! The change of scenery was just what I needed for a nice weekend getaway :)  My uncle and aunt are foster parents - also, adopting. It was incredible to see what they do for these kids. Eye opening! These precious kids touched my heart so deeply. There are countless children who have been touched by my aunt and uncle's love. The kids have experienced God's love through them and will forever remember the impact it made on their lives.  There is a roaring river in the middle of downtown Spokane... Breathtaking! Serene! The reason for my weekend getaway? My Great Grandpa remarried, he is 84 years and my Great Grandma is 80 years old. They were divorced for 43 years, and in the last 2 months, they reconnected... Lol, you are never too old for love. They married at Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. Look at those smiles! :

Regrow. Restore. Renew.

Spoken by a friend about what the process looks like: "It's like a forest that has been burned to the ground. Looks barren, desolate, hopeless; but from the ashes rise tree sprouts that populate the forest again. Although it may take years upon years, the trees regrow, restore, regenerate, renew. From loss there is gain, from death there is life." God has a plan and there is a bigger picture that sometimes we cannot see. Ask for God's eyes. Ask for God's anointing so your life could be a testimony of God's greatness.

Take Me To Heaven, Lord

God, Could You take me to a place where streets are gold? Where worries are no more? The place I can call my home. Lord, Take me to a place where tears are never shed? Where demons have never dared to tread? That place I've heard so much about! O' God I've even heard it shout! Savior, How can I reach that place? I'll do whatever it takes.  Save me by Your mercy and grace! The Beginning & The End, You were there when I was born again. Be with me till this painful end. Be there to take me up once more! Gone from here, Going through the Heavenly doors. A poem I wrote in 2009...  but never published for anyone to read. I had a way with words back then. I suppressed many desires and talents the past few years but they are all coming back to me again. Maybe it's because I became too busy? Or focused on other things going on in my life? Either way, I want to be sensitive enough to write straight from my heart and pai

Which Path Am I On?

Life is beautiful. YOU are beautiful... I wish we took more time to breathe, relax, and live in the moment. The hustle and bustle gets old really quick. Vacations should happen more often and spontaneous trips are a must. On one of my impromptu adventures to Newport Beach to meet up with a friend, I met a lovely young lady named Cailee (Hi!!)  at a store called LUSH. They have great natural skin care products that I had to try and we ran into her. She commented on how cute my outfit was and my friend said I should be a style blogger. Ha! What a compliment but I don't think so ;) We got to talking about what I post on my blog, how we don't wear makeup, and our careers, family history in the church, what we wanted to do in life... You know, girl talk! I am 20 years old and I already have a career. I am working towards a goal and making a great future for myself, both in the real world and spiritually. Most young people my age don't know what they are going to do wit

Sweet & Kind

Hello my beautiful friends! There is definitely one thing I love about my friends, they are sweet <3 Kindness is such a beautiful thing! If you didn't know, being a loving and caring person means the world to me. People who are the opposite tend to drain me and leave me miserable. I have had so many patients come into the pharmacy that want to yell and throw around a bad attitude because something is not going their way :(  After dealing with their anger and trying to calm them down, I want to sit in a corner and cry! Unfortunately, I'm being serious. It's rough dealing with those kind of patients but then there are the ones who come in with a smile on their face and tell you how wonderful their life is despite being at the pharmacy to pick up medications - the ones who actually remember your name. :) On Tuesday, next door to my pharmacy, there was a robbery and fatal shooting at Quiznos. I have thanked God every day that the shooter did not run int