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Ho! You're Cheetara! 42% Cheetara, 33% Jaga, 17% Tygra, 17% Panthro, 33% Liono, 25% Wily_kit, 8% Wily_kat, 0% Snarf, 8% Mumm-ra and 0% Slithe! Cheetara has it a bit rough as she is the only adult female that has survived her planet. But she doesn't seem to mind. She seriously likes being a woman and doesn't think it deters her from being a valued member of the team. She is a Cheeta persona, thus all her lovely spots. Cheetara is lovely, brave, and caring. She is often the voice of reason. Cheetara has a psychic gift that allows her to sense when there is evil or danger coming. For the most part she sees her gift as more of a curse. It does come with visions, but it tends to drain her of energy. This cat is fast, though. She can travel up to speeds of 120 mph. She can only do super speeds for short periods of time, but in a fight she tends to move from place to place quickly and with great ease. Her weapon of choice is a variable length staff that can shoot energy bolts.

Christmas Eve pictures

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve. We had a blast!

H E Y !

Hey everybody! How's life treating you? Good? GOOD! Well, hope you have a MERRY merry CHRISTMAS ! & a HAPPY new YEAR!

My Burden Right NOW

I got back from our youth party around 1-1:30am. I couldn't read because I left my book in my parents car & they are at a hotel in Disneyland. And I can't go to sleep at all, so I decided I can do some blogging. Well, I decided to click on my aunt Nicole's blog & look through some posts I might not have read already. So I scrolled down to one & she was saying how we have to someone to believe in...& that is JESUS. She was just saying some stuff that was making some tears leave my eyes & roll down my cheeks. [I know, I am a big cry baby ;)] So I after I read that post I felt like I needed to pray...& I still need to get off the computer & pray! But I needed to type this first!!! Before I forget anything! Let me just tell you some things about God most people in our world today have heard but will never try to listen or will never hear beccause we haven't told them. GOD IS OUR STRENGTH when we feel weak. When we are on the floor at altar call

How many Meagan's? There are 2 people with my name in the U.S.A. How many have your name? wow! only 2! & There are 21,414 people in the U.S. with the last name Rowell. Statistically the 1664th most popular last name. Famous people with the last name Rowell: Victoria Rowell

OLD picture

L-R Me(Meagan), Jonathan, Michael, & Justin Here is an OLD picture that my cousin Michael has on his blog! This was I believe earlier this year? Right? I can't remember...but it's when Justin got the Holy Ghost. Awesome service if I remember correctly.

Rainy Day

I don't know about you but I LOVE rainy days!!! The puddles to splash in & the fun time getting soaked at school...whooooa. It's super cool & cold. I can't wait for some more rain. Hopefully later! p.s. the picture is from last year sometime in December! Miss Morgan & I

to Justin & Michael

Hey guys! Hope you have a good Christmas at your dads house! We'll miss you over the holidays...HAVE FUN! love you both...& what was i going to say? oh yea, cant wait til you guys come back home!!! xoxoxo -meagan

I am a Bette?

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz... You Are a Bette! You are a Bette -- "I must be strong" Bettes are direct, self-reliant, self-confident, and protective. How to Get Along with Me * Stand up for yourself... and me. * Be confident, strong, and direct. * Don't gossip about me or betray my trust. * Be vulnerable and share your feelings. See and acknowledge my tender, vulnerable side. * Give me space to be alone. * Acknowledge the contributions I make, but don't flatter me. * I often speak in an assertive way. Don't automatically assume it's a personal attack. * When I scream and stomp around, try to remember that's just the way I am. What I Like About Being a Bette * being independent and self-reliant * being able to take charge and meet challenges head on * being courageous, straightforward, and honest * getting all the enjoyment I can out of life * supporting, empowering,

so i got some money...

So i got some money from my birthday $105 or something & a $25 visa card thing. im trying very hard not to spend all that money but boy is it hard... i bought some new VANS! 2 t-shirts[purple+black & gray checkered]. A yellow cardigan/sweater thing. A white headband & white leg warmers. I now have $36 left in cash & my $25 dollar visa. What should i do with the rest? save it? spend it on more clothes...maybe sunglasses?


So i celebrated my birthday with all the youth tonite... i got some really nice gifts!!! LOTIONS...pencils...STARBUCKS card...& way more on the way here are a few outrageous pics i love all of you! this pic is of us in the car having loads of fun! Me & Jonathan BIG SMILE Justin WOW iv never seen Michael smile for a picture ;] scary kids scaring kids. . . Me & Miriam Cutest one of me & Ericka NO!!! my cake! STRIKE a POSE

14th Birthday today

Well, finally it's here. My 14th birthday at last. Can't wait for the rest of the day...except dreading all the punches from Justin, Jonathan, & Michael. Trust me, they will punch hard. But whatever that won't bring me down today :] I can't wait to go to school oddly enough lol but i have homework & projects due :[ ahh well...i finishd it already lol. I can't wait for presents...I know,I'm spoiled rotten. lol j/k well I want to get ready for today so hasta luego!! p.s. picture is from RIGHT now... :]


Here it the best picture of me & my favorite dinosaur of all times...Thank you Geanie for being willing enough to take it for me!!! THANK YOU

On December 8th

WOW! My birthday is coming up on Monday. I am going to be 14. I can't believe I have been in this world for a long fourteen years!!! It's amazing. I am just so excited this year...maybe because I am getting older? NAW...I don't know why but I can't wait. I feel old too. lol probably because I am older than some people I know [cousins.] grrr. j/k lol I want to have a small get together with some family & a couple of friends. I'll have to ask my mom...or maybe she will just read this before I even ask her lol!!! That's kinda funny because we blog all the she most likely will. :) lol ok BYEEE ill be blogging later ♥

Family Christmas Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday afternoon christmas pictures from my moms camera. They turned out cute and hope you enjoy them. :] cousins [jonathan is lost in the back] Jonathan, Korbin, and me Jonathan, Korbin, Ryan, Logan, and me L-R Morgan, Brooklynn, Tristen, Michael, Justin, Jared, and Madison Jonathan and Korbin Justin and baby Jared grandbabies ;] Me and Brooklynn's birthday picture [birthdays are in the next week or 2] My brother Ryan and I just goofing off Justin and I we look werid but it's a funny picture Now Justin and I are ready to smile but Jonathan was caught off gaurd The women and little ladies in the family Papaw with [L-R] Auntie Nicole, Auntie Shelly, my mom, and Auntie Kristy Mamaw with [L-R] Uncle Jimmy, my dad, Uncle Jared, and Uncle Jeffrey Mommys' and Daddys' and/or couples pictures