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The Deletion of My Facebook

On January 28th , I deleted my facebook that I had for over a year :) I had around 400-500 friends...and a ton of junk in my news feed from farmville to quizzes. Lol. It all started on a wednesday night...a youth service at the Fontana church. I forgot who was preaching but the preacher said something about facebook...a negative thing....that brought forth a conviction. Now, it was not as easy as you think (to delete it). I had a ton of friends that I had to give up because that was our only means of communication. It was pretty tough :( So I said that I will give myself a week to say goodbye to everybody and get peoples emails/numbers. Thursday, the next day, I went to school and I was just like, man! I reallyyyy need to delete it!!!! Aunt Sue's party was that night so I couldn't go to the youth service that night. I decided that I would delete it when I got home... :) As soon as I got home (it was pretty late, around 10pm) and I posted a status saying goodbye! EVERYONE w

butterfly kisses

You can get a good kick out of this :) "Palms of Praise" I found it on an Apostolic girl's blog...:) Enjoy! And now, I'm getting ready to go with Kendra :) A few hours of sissy bonding time :) Cleaning! Lol :) Love you guys! Have a great weekend! Meggs<3

Can I just say...

...that MODEST IS HOTTEST ! Really! Seriously! AND No joke! Now, I wear knee-length or longer skirts... 3/4 length or longer sleeves...and high necklines...but I just REALLY don't get what is SOOO flattering about showing your legs?? No matter how tall you are and how "good" you think you look...I don't EVEN want to point out things I have seen when I see girls in their shorts and mini skirts. *cringes* And really....crop tops? ugly-one-color nailpolish? bright and dark lipstick? those too-short-so-you-can-see-everything dresses? wearing leggings as pants? ridiculous Lady Gaga outfits? sky-high heels? ***Don't get me wrong! I love high heels! I have a ton of them!!! I can get all of my shorter-than-5'-5'' friends to shout amen! But some of these ones that I have been seeing lately are just TOO OVER THE TOP... would you like an example? Do you see what I mean? You have more of a chance of breaking your ankle in these than in the heels I we

What to do?? I was kind of thinking about doing a fast from heat products or hairspray...? Lol I really want my hair to grow and I have been thinking about this all day... If I didn't use any heat products: ~no curling *tears* ;) ~no straightening (I hardly did that anyway) ~no blow drying (I don't use it much) Doesn't seem too hard...I would do this until PEAK If I didn't use hairspray: ~hair do's would fall down easily ~no High Hair ~easy hair do's :) *Only for a week* From Sunday to Sunday lol :) I don't know...What do you suggest??? I'm thinking I could do both... Meggs<3 :)

The Burden for Missions

About 4 months ago, I got to thinking about going out into the mission field. We have had MANY missionaries come through our church in the last several months and I was just imagining what it would be like to go into a country where they have never heard the TRUTH before and just waltz right in and hand it to them on a silver platter. *Of course, it's not that easy most of the time but you know what I mean.* For about a year now, I have said that I wanted to go to England, whether it be for college (study abroad), my honeymoon (future), or to take a little vacation out there. I just REALLY want to go! Well, back in February, I was telling a friend of mine about the missionaries who preached that night. I think the couple was from Belize. It got me thinking about where I would go if I were a missionary. We were saying how you hear all the missionary reports from third war countries and you don't hear much, if anything, from the other ones. One that we had named was England. I


I can DEFINITELY tell YOU that I am the only FIFTEEN (15) year old who can do this... *keep scrolling* *a little more* YES! That is ME in the little car on a grocery basket!!!! Pretty tight huh!? Ahahaha! This one goes out to my friend Drew! Hahaha! *insider* ;)

A Peculiar People

I'd like to mention a couple things before I start writing the rest of this post: Sunday morning, Bro. Bobby Lewis, a missionary from Ireland, preached "Everything." Sunday night, he preached "A Peculiar People." Both services, he was led of the Holy Ghost. It was just so amazing! One scripture that he quoted for in the night service was 1 Peter 2:9..." But ye are a CHOSEN generation ,"...*SHOUTS and JUMPS!*...he says, "Now, we can worship on just that!"..." a ROYAL priesthood ,"...he shouts, "We can worship a little more with this!"..." an HOLY nation ,"...shouting, "We can shout more with that! But here is the verse where it gets a little quiet sometimes"..." a PECULIAR people ;"... And if you know my church, you just KNOW that we were going crazy by this point! WILD and jumping and shouting!!!!! He went on talking (more like shouting lol) about why people may think WE are the ones w

Look Who's Preachin'

Do any of y'all have a favorite preacher??? Who is it?? And most importantly, why? Is it because of their "preacher voice"? "AND GOD SAID...*ah hah*...LET THERE BE LIGHT!...*ah hah*...Can I get an amen!?" Lol or is it because that your favorite preacher preaches for about 10 minutes...and then it's time for a shout down? :) "I'm not gonna take long tonight...." Is it a combination?? "Woooo!!!...*ah hah*...I know I just started preaching...*ah hah*....but I feel like some of you need to come down to this altar and stomp on the devil!..." Lol well, I can honestly say, my favorite preachers tend to be short-winded and have A LOT of the "preacher voice" going on :) haha! Leave a comment with your favorite preachers name & why that preacher is YOUR preacher!! :) *Your answers will help me write the next post*

I give You thanks.

Last night, I decided to stay over at my Papaw & Mamaw's house. I don't know why but I just felt like I needed too (I also LOVE to spend time here whenever I can). I figured I could help out with cleaning the house or helping out with anything my family needed. Well, I woke up this morning, got dressed, made the bed...everything I usually DON'T ever do, I did today lol. As I walked into the kitchen, Uncle Bill, Aunt Sue & Mamaw were already in there. Uncle Bill had to run to the store to get "low sodium bacon" for breakfast (for Aunt Sue) so it was just the 2 ladies and I :) Aunt Sue was just praying and praying. Giving thanks to God!...I know that most of you haven't seen her and if you could even fathom what she is going through, you would understand why I am, not necessarily shocked but more so amazed...I really can't describe how I feel...She gives thanks to God every minute. I'm not even exaggerating. Through every pain that she feels

High Hair Pictures(:

And here are the pictures of my hair for tonight :) Lol I feel like it's a Sunday night or I'm going to a conference! Haha but I love it! :) Leave comments!!!! Oh & if you want me to do a little tutorial about how I got it to look like this then let me know :) Loves!!!

High-Hair Love :)

To all my lovely ladies...and gents? Lol ;) I would just like to say that I've finally mastered the HIGH HAIR :D It took a lot of failed attempts >:( .... BUT I finally got it!!!! *shouts* Lol I'll be posting pictures later of what it looks like but I can definitely tell you, it took some work! About an hour or more...whew! It's so worth it though!!!! I am in LOVE with it! :D My hair and imagination finally cooperated and worked together to achieve this master piece that is upon my crown ;) ahahaha! Sounds a little Shakespeare to me but I hope you get what I mean :) Love Meggsy :)

"New" Clothes Tip #1

Hey Ladies! :D Have you been feeling like you have NOTHING to wear to church or youth conferences that are coming up? Can't afford to buy new clothes or just don't have time to run to the store and buy a new clothing item? Well, I found a SMALL SOLUTION for us girls who live with our mom, a girl friend or sister (who may be a little bigger than us) with cute style ! :) Yayy! But I'm pretty sure that sisters and girl friends already share clothes lol but for those of us who don't have sisters...I give you my FIRST "New" Clothes Tip :) Just on Sunday evening, I couldn't find my black shirt that I wear frequently (when I don't know what else to wear & yes it gets washed every time lol). I was kind of going crazy! I NEEDED that black shirt...I couldn't find anything else I wanted to wear that night...buuuttttt, I looked in my mom's closet for a shirt that might match! Just in case she had anything. ***Now, for those of you who don

There Seems To Be A Problem - Poem

Hey devil, I heard you were messing with some friends of mine. Not complaining, they have God on their side. But remember that Sister in church, You think you made her backslide. Well I'm sure you've noticed, She came back... And I know she is beating you alive. Yo devil, I see my family you have bound. There will come a time w hen they will hunt you down And not only hurt you until you can't make a sound, But also tear you apart from the inside and out. Excuse me devil, But there seems to be a problem between you and I. For starters, you say a bunch of lies. But you see, you can't separate me from my God up high. You try and try but you fail every time. It is written devil, "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, Nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, Nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, Shall be able to separate us from the love of God, Which is in Christ Jesus our L

A Road That Has Not Been Walked On

I'm so sorry for not posting these last few days! I'll make up for it :) I promise. I've been busy with church and school. You have NO IDEA how much school work I have been doing to get ahead of schedule so I can finish early! Trust me, you have NO IDEA! *Let's just say that yesterday, I did homework from the time I woke up...until I finally decided to go to bed! I also have some friends who can be my witnesses lol!* So today, I have done a bajillion extra lessons (& I'm still working on some)...This is an excerpt of the discussion I had to do for my Honors English class: about taking a path that is less travelled. :) " A Road That Has Not Been Walked On Thinking about the times where I had to choose whether or not to go down the path most taken or the path less traveled, I find that taking the path that is less traveled is more challenging. You don’t have a lot of experience on this road and you don’t have a lot of people to turn to for advice and

Hello :)

Just sitting here in the dining room :) Today was good. Full of fun family time. Lol. Unfortunately, I cleaned most of the day ;) Haha Mamaw is probably going to laugh when she sees this. Uncle Sam reminded me to post about this: I cleaned windows today! How exciting! ;D ahaha! It took me forever to do! I don't even want to talk about it! LOL I just wanted to mention what I did most of my day :) So an update about Aunt Sue: She had a little episode today :( It was heartbreaking. I didn't see it but Mamaw and Auntie Deb did. Aunt Sue couldn't sleep last night (at all!) so we got her some medicine for "Restless Legs Syndrome". We were told that it will help her sleep! We are praying that she gets a good nights rest. Sorry that this post has been so short but I really need to go. Love you all :) Megg

Update from the Rowell house

Hello everyone. Tonight we had a youth activity at the church but I skipped out because I wanted to come and see my Aunt Sue. She got tired of being in the hospital (I would have too) and asked to leave. Now, she is staying at my Mamaw & Papaw's house...all her machines are here as well :( From what I see, she isn't doing very good. Aunt Sue bruises easily and she has bruises all over her body. She looks so fragile. I asked her, just a few minutes ago, how she felt. She said, "I feel a little better...but not much." Some of our family was here (I am spending the night at Mamaw's). We had a good dinner :) I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with them. Us girls/women were hanging out in Brook's bedroom (where Aunt Sue is staying). It's super girly (EVERYTHING is PINK ) so I'm sure she loves it :) lol. Well, it was Aunt Sue, Auntie Trina, Auntie Deb, Auntie Jodi, Auntie Elaine, Mom, and Mamaw. I was also in this lil' girl circle :) The

To The Guy Who...

To the guy who didn't get labeled as the tall, dark, and handsome kind. To the guy who was never appreciated for his sincerity, humility, and brilliant mind. To the guy who none of the girls considered as more than their friend. To the guy who watched silently as the bad boys broke their heart over and over again To the guy who heard a dirty joke and knew he had to walk away. To the guy who always does the right thing and wont let pride and ego stand in his way. To the guy who decided not to let sports, cars, and the gym dominate his world. To the guy who still believes in chivalry and knows how treat a girl. To the guy who considers true character before asking a girl out on a date.   To the guy who knows that sex can wait for the one he will call his wife and soul mate. To the guy who is not impressed with the young girls that are caught up in their own worldly vanity. To the guy who wants a girl who is holy both on the inside and out because that is what qualifies as real beauty


LOL! My mom showed me this video :) She saw it on facebook and she was like "OMW!" Ahahah! Its so funny :D I was dyin' laughin' LOL! FYI: We have a toyota sienna :) It's got swagger ;) and my dad says we are going to be gettin; this new one lol its got more swagger ;) aahaha! Love meggers :)


Man guys, this has been a tough week. Sunday : Started with great church in the morning and then again at night :) Bro. Rivers preached the house down! There were so many changes in our young people! Sunday night service was NO ORDINARY SERVICE! The way I think of it is that he preached for about 10 minutes and we shouted, jumped, dance, ran, and got slain for a good 3-4 hours :) Workout! Plus we had the hike the day before and we were SORE all over already! Imagine how sore I was on Monday ;) Lol! Anyways :) It was a Holy ghost party that took place over at our church :) You guys missed out (whoever wasn't there) Monday : SORENESS & school work...LOL then Monday night youth prayer :) Move of God fell greatly :D I love our youth prayer nights! I wish we could do an all-night prayer meeting :) That would be AMAZING!!! After prayer, we went to the hospital to go see my Aunt Sue :( She isn't doing good and it's really sad :( Tuesday : STAR Testing :( BORING!!!!

Dear Hannah (Gettys),

HEY Hannah! This post is straight to you lol! Okay, I'm sure you've already seen this picture up on facebook or else he sent it to you BUT I'll let you know ABOUT the picture lol!! We took this last night, right after church, when we were all about to leave. We were messing around and Alfonso (this guy at our church) was telling us about sign team and when we had practice....Well! I was like "HEY!!! Fons! Take a picture of me & Jonathan!" And THEN I said "Make sure its not ALL DARK!" So we kinda ended up facing "the light"...or light pole-whatever-thing. And we were just gnna do a NORMAL picture lol but then Jonathan & I looked off into the distance, looking like retards because it took about 2 minutes for Fons to take the picture ;)! LOL! But as we were about to take the picture (& it was gnna look hecka tight!) Jonathan turns to me and says "You're looking away right!? Cuz I don't want to look like a retard!" *s

Got demons to fight...

Keep my family in your prayers

I just talked to my Papaw (grandpa) right now about my Aunt Sue. She has been in & out of the hospital for awhile and on Sunday, we thought she had a stroke at her church. They took her to the hospital and she is there today too. Well, I just found out that they turned off her defibrillator which shocks her heart whenever she has a seizure or anything like that. She could pass away very soon. Keep the Rowell families in your prayer please! We need all the help we can get! Pray! Pray! Pray! Thank you! With all love, The Rowell families

Youth Hiking Trip :)

Saturday, Calvary Youth went hiking :) Most of our youth group was there. Some had to work :( But here are some pictures (with captions lol) of what happened. Miguel, Felipa & I in the car (Uncle Jeffrey driving) We had to stop to get the parking passes or something. Lol our car was pretty fun! Lil' Miguel, Michael & I...We got outta the cars and chilled for a few minutes while they got the parking passes. Lol This was in Jer's car. Me in the driving seat ;) Hahaha! On the way back down the mountain, they played chinese fire drill...LOL it was so funny watching them! We didn't stay to the trail the first half of our hike UP! We climbed rocks and jumped from on side to the other... Several guys took risks and ended up falling into the water ;) Fun stuff & major work out lol This tree had the BIGGEST ants on it, and we were right over the stream with tons of rocks. We would have died if we fell. Lol And trust me, I felt like I was going to fall a few ti

The Strange Things

Today, I wasn't going to post anything lengthy but all of a sudden, here comes a thought...and a post. As I'm sitting at my desk, I have no idea what this thought is about. I'll just let the Holy Ghost guide my fingers along the keyboard. Bare with me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Now therefore put away, [said he], the strange gods which [are] among you, and incline your heart unto the Lord God of Israel." - Joshua 24:23 "And they put away the strange gods from among them, and served the Lord:..." -Judges 10:16 Incline means "to lean" or "to bend." So when it says to incline your heart to the Lord, he is saying to make your heart lean toward God. The word "gods" in this scripture doesn't just mean that guy buddha, or some other god you think you're serving. It ALSO means "any deified person or object. an idol." If you don't believe me, check out and I bet you use their d

Bloggers & Their Blogs :)

If you ever need a blog to read, just ask me :) Lol I can give you several sites. Apostolic/Pentecostal and are great to read! Here are a couple blogs: Go ahead and take a look :) P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts. I need to study for testing next week and I need to finish my school work...daily /: Meggs

Sorry you guys

Hey everyone! I won't be doing posts very often the next couple weeks because of how hectic my schedule is with school and church. I have tons of essays to write and projects due. Please forgive me! I'll try and post as much as possible! Love you :) Megg

100th post

My HUNDREDTH post already!?!?! I started this blog in '08 :) Wow! So should I do a giveaway, like I see all these other bloggers do?? Yahh, I think I will!!!! There's only ONE thing I can think of that I'd WANT to give you :) You know what that is?? . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ......... .......... ........... ............ ............. I can give you Jesus...Well, it's more like LEAD you to Jesus :) But you know what I mean. Jesus can give you all you need :) A good church....The Holy Ghost...Peace, Joy, Happiness...a prayer life...wealth and treasures that are beyond compare to what we see on this world today. Would you want it? Leave a comment and you'll enter to win this HOLY prize!!! :) LOL love y'all!!! Thanks for reading :) Meggers<3