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ok so on monday michael & kaylin had spent the nite. We ended up staying home & then uncle jared picked us up & we went over his house. then we went to cerritos mall with justin, jonathan, michael, kaylin, & me. had a blast!!!

NO SCHOOL=boring!

oh my word!!! michael[cousin] & kaylin[cousin] spent the night over my house & we are so bored today!!! yea i know, we are supposed to have fun on days off but my mom isnt letting us go to the mall so ... yea we are bored.

School today...

My day was giong well until we walked into Mrs. Baker's (my 4th period language arts teacher) classroom. She was real red-eyes and she had tears in her eyes. Emily, Megan, & I were asking what's wrong and she said her husband is in the hospital again and had to have another surgery. The three of us knew that her husband has cancer and that she has stayed in the hospital til midnight yesterday. We were comforting her in anyway possible. She told everyone else who was in our class. She left after our period was over. So please pray for her husband. For him to have a miracle. thanks and God bless.

PHOTO'S [not touched up]

once again! thank you auntie nicole. even though these are the ones you haven't touched up, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! thank you so much! I think my auntie Nicole has a NEW hobby! =]

photo session

HEY! Here are a few pictures from my "photo session" with auntie Nicole as the photgrapher. BUT these are just the side pictures. NOT the actual ones! My mom was with us so she got these shots.

Sunday drive home

Laugh Out Loud ! ! ! Korbin, Ryan, & I [Meagan] are in the car on the way home from church in these utterly random pictures. Korbin was super hot so we had to take his: vest, tie, shirt, shoes, & socks OFF hahaha yea so we had alot of fun! PEACE!

Baby London

Here are a few pictures of the day we all saw BABY London Bree. She is sssoooo cute!