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Youth lock-in & Dennys

I have not had THAT much fun in SUCH A LONG TIME!!!!! My youth group went to the Fontana youth service and hung out with Whittier and Burbank youth :) My, my, my.... You all should have went to fellowship :)

Science Olympiad 2012

*insert Meagan's seriously happy nerdy face* :) <3 I signed up for Science Olympiad (2012) and we are finally getting to learn the material over the next month and a half. Our first tournament is March 3rd. :) Extra info: 24 different events ranging from building robots (physics), solving water pollution problem (environmental), solving a crime (forensics), handling chemicals (chemistry), and telling the difference betweeen trees (forestry) AND so much more!!! 15 people per school to compete. Need to be great in 2 subjects in order to have a better chance of winning. Regional, State, and then National. If you didn't already know, or could tell by this post yet, I am a MAJOR science nerd when it comes to Chemistry and Forensics. AND I'm planning on being a science major in college, so :) more the reason to have this to put on a college application. I chose Forensics and Chemistry , both are going to be dealing with labs and chemicals, as my two events. 30 people

California Driver

Yay! I got my driver's license in the mail today!! ;) no more papers to carry around.