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Take Me To Heaven, Lord

God, Could You take me to a place where streets are gold? Where worries are no more? The place I can call my home.
Lord, Take me to a place where tears are never shed? Where demons have never dared to tread? That place I've heard so much about! O' God I've even heard it shout!
Savior, How can I reach that place? I'll do whatever it takes.  Save me by Your mercy and grace!
The Beginning & The End, You were there when I was born again. Be with me till this painful end. Be there to take me up once more! Gone from here, Going through the Heavenly doors.

A poem I wrote in 2009...  but never published for anyone to read. I had a way with words back then. I suppressed many desires and talents the past few years but they are all coming back to me again. Maybe it's because I became too busy? Or focused on other things going on in my life? Either way, I want to be sensitive enough to write straight from my heart and paint beautiful canvases of emotion. As I grow older, I do not …

Which Path Am I On?

Life is beautiful. YOU are beautiful...

I wish we took more time to breathe, relax, and live in the moment. The hustle and bustle gets old really quick. Vacations should happen more often and spontaneous trips are a must. On one of my impromptu adventures to Newport Beach to meet up with a friend, I met a lovely young lady named Cailee (Hi!!)  at a store called LUSH. They have great natural skin care products that I had to try and we ran into her. She commented on how cute my outfit was and my friend said I should be a style blogger. Ha! What a compliment but I don't think so ;)

We got to talking about what I post on my blog, how we don't wear makeup, and our careers, family history in the church, what we wanted to do in life... You know, girl talk! I am 20 years old and I already have a career. I am working towards a goal and making a great future for myself, both in the real world and spiritually. Most young people my age don't know what they are going to do with their li…