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Using Your Past

I believe we all have a past, a time where life was rough, our faith was shot, and maybe weren't in church. I know I have a past! Even though I was raised in Pentecost, I had to go through life too. I was tested in certain areas. This post isn't to tell of what I went through and did, but I'm writing this to tell that the PAST can be used in the FUTURE...

"Wow? Really? How?"

There's someone else going through the same temptations, the same tests, the same emotionally and spiritually draining things in life as you did but they are going through it right now! We have to tell what we learned help us get through those trials..

**A couple nights ago, I was with a group of friends and it was asked jokingly if a couple of us girls had ever worn make up. I wasn't going to lie, even if it was jokingly asked. So, of course, I say yes (I hope I didn't shock any of you reading LOL). I was modeling and acting when I was about 13 years old and wore make up for ph…

The Week[end]

Last week and this weekend has been so much fun! I went to Pacific Coast Camp Tuesday night and saw a few friends like Heather & Elias. I also met a couple new people :) shout out to Emmanuel who reads my blog! :)

Then I spent the weekend with my girl Britt, and the Wakefield girls (Beth & Nicole).. I cannot even tell you how much we laughed this weekend!

Congrats to Britt! The graduate :)

Can't Sleep!

The last week or two, I haven't been able to get to bed before 2 or even 3am!! It's terrible! My mind is usually racing and keeping me up with daydreams, plans, and stressful situations.. Not fun. Tonight, I knew I wasn't going to sleep, so I worked on a little art project! My mind was focused and I could relax for a little bit :) I worked on this for 2 hours... And so far, my mind is pretty calm but unfortunately not sleepy lol

A Thought & A Praise Report

I had a little thought yesterday morning :) Coming from the scripture 1 John 2:15

"Love not the world, neither the things of the world..."

It rolled around my head all day... When you look towards the world, you begin to go in that direction. Kind of like steering a car. When you look at some accident on the side of the road, your hands lean toward that spot too! However, if we keep our eyes straight on God, we will be headed to that place..

And here's a praise report :)

My aunt, Loretta Rowell (my grandpa's sister-in-law), was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004, two years after her and my uncle, Jerry Rowell Sr. (my grandpa's brother), adopted Summer, a baby girl on the Indian Reservation where they started a church. She was sad at first but then got excited because she would be going to Heaven! Just a couple weeks ago, my uncle was crying asked her if she was really dying and she said yes. They began to make plans for a few things... But she saw the hurt…

National Best Friend Day

First, I'd like to say God really does love me!!!
As I was praying this morning, I cried thinking about how God saw I was lonely and needed a friend. He answered my prayers and blessed me with so many amazing friends and the few who I can call my Best Friends. These few have stuck deep in my heart throughout the years and a couple just in the past year. I cannot begin to describe the love, support and encouragement I've gotten.
It leaves me awestruck that God gave me the desires of my heart!
Late last night, I got a call from my girl friend and we chatted for a good hour <3 And when I thought about it this morning, I realized this girl will be one of my lifelong friends! A friend I will cherish dearly! Since it was National Best Friend day, I also had to let her know :)
God gave me these people for a reason <3 I love each one of them so much!

Feeling Inadequate?

Feeling inadequate?

(Def: not sufficient; unsuitable)

Don't stress..

There are many of us young people who have felt like we were not good enough to give the Almighty God praise because we had done something wrong like sin...

But, I don't want to focus on THAT kind of "not good enough"... The sinning kind.

I want to focus on the feeling of being unsuitable..

(Def: inappropriate; unfitting)

Not being the best or the right one for the job.

Let me say this, YOU ARE YOU and you can be the BEST YOU can be through God. :)

I've noticed that many of us have felt like we don't live up to others standards. For example, my mom was a straight A student, and recently I've had a few bumps in the road that caused my grades to slip a bit. I tried so hard to do as good as my mom did in high school, BUT it didn't happen. I tried to live up to those standards she set and I couldn't make it that high.

It's the same in church and in a spiritual sense. We are …

Perks of Being an Apostolic Young Person

The perks of being an Apostolic young person...
We have:
A Pastor and Pastor's wife that will help us develop our abilities. A Youth Pastor and Assistants that encourage and pray for us. Elders and Mentors that can correct or let us know we are doing something right and heading in the right direction. Youth to draw friendships from. Young kids to be an example to and love them Babies to kiss and hug.
We can:
Lead the service in worship. Bring down the anointing so strong that the entire church is affected. Pray all night. Play musical instruments. Devote our lives entirely to Him. Change our life. Change the way we see life. Change others lives.
Change our City.
Change our WORLD.
The young people.
And we have enough people to back us up to change not only us, but the world too.