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Go to Bro. Ballestero's blog :) and read his post "If You Were a Gentleman".. Really awesome!! I think he preached this at Conquerors Conference in Arizona. I wish I could have went to hang out with all my friends ;) Anyways, take a look!!! If You Were A Gentleman *There has been a correction :) He didn't preach this at CC but he did preach! Lol thanks Mary!*

A fun snow & trip to the ER day!!!

Yes... snow trip started at 8 this morning and we were in Mt. Baldy until 4pm :) Good: SNOW!!! and LOTS of it!!! BAD: On the 1st ride of the day (using sleds), I decide to be a daredevil... as always ;) ... over 100 ft up on a steep mountain, I decide to ride down. My sled slid off course and my ankle hit a tree that had fallen down (a really big log, I guess) and spun me out. :( *sigh* It was crazy packed and everyone saw me. They were surprised I wasn't unconscious lol. I sat down for about 5 minutes not wanting to try to stand on my foot. I took off my boot/socks and my ankle was just a little swollen and hurt like crazy but oh well.. I stood up and the guys were applauding me lol. :) Funny! So I walked on it for another 4 hours before looking at it again. :/ not a good idea. It was flexible and didn't hurt too bad so I let it go. On our way back down the mountain (which was like an hour because of traffic coming up&down) my ankle got stiff and I couldn't wal

The one thing I've learned...

Put God first in ALL things. I know it is really simple to say.. But it is much harder to do. I'm getting teary eyed thinking of people who put God on the back burner.. and the times when I did too. In 7th grade, God was far out of my mind. I went to church, but I was doing what I wanted to do. Not exactly what He wanted. I cracked mean jokes. I told lies. I was in and of the world. The list doesn't need to go on. Now, I try so hard to put God first in everything !! How I talk. How I walk. How I dress. My actions. Witnessing. The list could go on. It definitely isn't easy but taking it one step at a time, everything is falling in place. My love gets stronger and stronger. Prayer gets longer and longer. My heart gets bigger and bigger. Leaving God behind leads only to disaster. I'm always told of stories like this: "Because (so & so) didn't allow God to be their everything, their life became a wreck. A total mess. Tangled and twist

Christmas Love

Wow, Christmas was the best ever this year! :) First, I spent Christmas week with my brothers at my Mamaw && Papaw's house.. ALL WEEK.. which gave time for my parents to get ready for Christmas and set up everything. The boys and I went home on Friday morning and opened presents right when we walked in the door.. Secondly, I love my family and everything they do for me. I got a little choked up when I saw what my parents got for me. They did everything possible to make this the best Christmas for my brothers and I. That being said, I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD!!! Ryan got an electric guitar :) If he doesn't learn it, I will.. Trust me ;) Korbin got a big wheel bike and an electric drum set.. GOOD CHOICE.. If they were the regular drum sets, I would have died by now *shakes head* I got my bedroom redone and a keyboard!!! We got other presents but these were the big ones. My Mamaw bought me a beautiful Bible, with my name (Meagan Nicole Rowell) pressed on the c

Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her

This has got to be one of my favorite songs. Honestly. They sang this at The Day After Drama in Bakersfield, California. The guy who sang it did so awesome! It was absolutely beautiful. This song always touches me and I'm sure it always will. Anyways, God bless! :) Have a great evening!

School is taking over..

Seriously!!!! I have been so busy with school :( It's made me miss several youth prayer/outreach nights in a row. Aghhh :/ Not exactly fun... I can't wait for Winter Break though!!! :) Probably just going to hang with Mamaw on the weekends lol I really want to go to Conqueror's Conference in Arizona... But I don't think that will happen :( *sigh* Well, hopefully I'll be able to write soon about some stuff that's been on my mind lately. Sorry for the lame-o posts!

Birthday :))♥

Lol Elias, this is for you. You wanted to know what I did all day :P hahaha! I had a good Sweet 16 birthday :) Friends and family called/texted/emailed/posted to say Happy Birthday! I felt so loved and blessed to have all these people in my life ♥ My mom got off work kind of early so we could go hang out and go to lunch. Soooooo we went to eat Chinese food :D then went to Forever21 because I wanted a new cardigan lol. Always needing something new ;) I bought a couple of other things too. We had church last night and couldn't stay out too late so around 4pm, we headed back home. :) Church was great as always! Pastor Clark is an awesome teacher. Family and friends wanted to go celebrate and eat after church so we went to Legends! :) Lol the end. Here are a few pictures though! I had a fun night :) Now, I can't wait for the weekend! More celebrating!! ♥

Sweet 16!!!!

Eeekkk!!! Has the day already come!?!?!?! My goodness.... Wait, now I feel old.... I'm one more year closer to getting wrinkles.... *gasp* LOL love y'all and hope you have a blessed day!!

A Visit-POEM

Umm. I've been really busy lately :( school is a bother... That's why I hardly post much and when I do, it's not like I used to. *sigh* There will be a day when you will love my blog again. Lol. Hopefully soon!! I wrote this poem awhile back ago :) on my phone. "A Visit" I walked the streets, Claiming to be the best in town, But little did I know, There was a pastor walking around And in his mind, he was shouting, "Victory! Victory! There's a soul to be found!" I strutted around the corner, Checking out the girls on the other side. "Whoa! Sorry!" says the Pastor as we collide. Being led of the Spirit, Pastor started telling me about God. But how could I respond? I thought there was no such thing as gods! Questions flooded my mind. "Come tonight," he said. How could I resist?! I felt a tug in my heart to believe every word So I visited this Pentecostal church. Stepping into the sanctuary, Right then and th