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I'm Not Far Away-POEM

Honestly, I apologize for neglecting my blog :( It happens once in awhile lol. So back to business :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Awhile back ago, I was writing a lot of poems. Pretty much anything from fantasy to reality. I always loved writing and putting rhymes that make you think or that almost lead you to tears... Like the spiritual ones that have a lot of meaning to me. Really... I love it <3 ---Here is one--- I'm Not Far Away Daughter, You've received the Holy Ghost And have been baptized in My name. Yet I have noticed, you are falling away. You can't make up your mind About who to serve. Baby girl, it's Me or the world. If you let Satan take over... You're old enough to know That the place he rules is the bottomless pit below. However, My daughter, If you choose Me You'll be saved from what is unknown And help Me rule in Heaven Where there are treasures untold. Daughter, please make up your mind today. You know I'm coming. I'm not far away.

I GOT THE LOOK...But is that Enough?

Sorry for the lack of blogging... Here is an awesome post from my sissy, Courtney Thaler :), about what is more important than getting the "look"... <3 " I GOT THE LOOK...But is that Enough? Sunday night I was sitting in church. I was looking around and my eye landed on a new convert. God began to show me things that I never really realized. As young apostolic women we love to try the newest styles on our hair. And being a new convert there is a strong desire to look the part. Though as first the length isn't there, you learn the poofs, buns, curls, twists, knotts, and the the famous pin curl. Your style begins to mimic those that surround you. Your poofs get higher and your tights get brighter. People in church try to give you clothes that cover you (thank God it is really helpful), then you discover thrift stores. So, finally you find yourself saying "I GOT THE LOOK." Well thats all fine and dandy but do you have HIS HEART? Do you desire hol