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God hears you...

Man, recently I had been feeling that God didn't hear me ... You know...those unanswered prayers. The night you prayed and weeped harder than you have in a long time. You feel like you would go back home/to work/to school and see a change ... But then you get there and... NOTHING changed. *...Okay, I'm referring to myself when i say " you "...* It was hard to see no difference. I would think: "Didn't I just pray!? God, didn't you see how many tears I shed!?" Yes, I was wondering exactly that. I'm pretty sure you have felt the same way at one time. Isn't it tough? But one thing I remembered (I have heard Bro. Clark say this before), that even though we may not see anything taking place in OUR own flesh-y eyes, there are things changing and shifting in the spiritual realm!! You may feel like your prayers for your lost family members aren't going past the ceiling but God hears your cry. They feel the effects of those p

Hasta Luego!!

We are about to be off to pick Kendra up from her house :) then we will be off to the cabin with all the ladies trailing behind us!!! Woo!!! There will be plenty of pictures coming when we get back :) Did I mention that we won't have any cell phone reception!?!?!? :'( Well, we won't :( *tears* Soo goodbye for now! ~Meggs~

♥For the Love of Summer♥

Long time no post ;) I have had some busy and exciting weeks this summer! :) I (officially) got out of school last friday!!! :D whew! No more school work for a couple months lol...Well ever since then, I've been out shopping, eating, boogie boarding, took a trip to the fabric store, Youth Connect in Chula Vista :), FATHERS DAY, and just hanging out with my best buds :) I have pretty much hung out with Kendra, Brendan and Sean everyday (almost!) :) I have had the best time being able to spend time with them-*cough* Sean *cough* ;)-heehee From nearly falling asleep to Kendra playing the piano to a trip to the grocery store lol Thanks Sissy for the good times :D Also, this past friday was Youth Connect in Chula Vista. Bro. Cody Marks preached! What an awesome message!!!! I want to be a soulwinner! I believe that the message was preached directly to my youth group! AMAZING!! Saturday, I went to Lumont (near Bakersfield) with Sis. Bev, Rachel and Miriam to Bro. Mantooths church f

Fighting Yourself

I have those times where I have beat myself up about things that I know I should have done or a mistake I made. last night...I started to beat myself up (and I am not meaning literally :p I mean emotionally and mentally) about something I've never done but I should be doing. That was reading the Bible all the way through. Now, if you don't know me, I was raised in this Apostolic/Pentecostal truth. I got the Holy Ghost when I was 8, at Jr Camp :) ....Baptized that September when I came back from camp.... And I haven't read the Bible through... Not exactly the easiest thing to confess but I'm trying to give some encouragement and my posts about encouragement come from experience. I want to help someone else out. Tonight, Bro. Rivers was saying how we shouldn't beat ourselves up about things sometimes. You learn from that mistake and you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Bro. Clark has been saying this a lot lately, "If you'r

Crazy and Just Plain Lazy :p

Omw...            I haven't posted in about a week Sorry about that :/ I'll try and get better...I promise :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This past weekend: Courtney, Misha, Elijah (Courtney's friend), Isaiah (Elijah's brother), and Sean came down to visit this weeked. They got here reeaaallly early Friday morning & left late Sunday night after church :( awww! *Love you Court & Mish* Sean stayed here :D *YES!* He is going to be in the Ontario area for another week and a half *Double YES!* And we have been hanging out almost everyday :) I've had so much fun! Here are a few pictures: This is Misha :D She is sooo funny-like you have no idea :p haha! We had some fun times hanging out!! :D Courtney :) CUTE PIC :D lol my sissy :) Love you! Sunday night! *before we shout out our hair* lol Megg, Kennie, Court and Misha Ahhh yes....That IS the guys pushing our youth van in the gas station...we kind of ran out of pro

Dedication Post To:

My  Best Friend a TRUE role model an absolute GREAT woman of God and my Big Sissy who will always be there for me... Kendra Thaler Even though she is about 6 years older than me, I consider her to be one of my closest and dearest friends EVER ...She takes a role in my life as a SISTER AT HEART and a BEST FRIEND . She inspires me to do my best no matter what happens. I look to her for words of encouragement and guidance. When I am stuck in a sitation she helps me out...The way she lives her life by being UNASHAMED and always growing in her walk with God helps me to also grow and set my paths for what I need to do!!! If you have never heard of a bond formed by God , well believe it as you read this. As we were talking one night, Kendra told me that she felt like God was binding us together spiritually. A bond that cannot be broken . I can see why she said that. I feel like I can never be away from her for very long...whether it be texting, calling or literally just bei

Rambling and Random

So I guess this'll be a rambling random post about everything :p I really haven't had much to talk about...literally :/ Like I haven't wanted to text anyone lately....And GOOD POSTS have not come across my page in a week or two. Weird, huh? Plus haven't been able to sleep (waking up and not getting much sleep)...and some weird dreams :/ Pretty random, I know! And I'm ending the post here...hopefully I'll find time inbetween finals to write a GREAT post to make up for this boring stuff!! Loves<3

Old Pictures(:

Like most families-we take pictures. Not only do we take pictures-we used to develop them. Not only did we develop them-we put them in scrapbooks which were put into boxes...Are you getting the picture? Well, if not lol then let me just tell you that I was going through a box that had developed pictures in it :) Haha! I think the most recent picture was from 2006 (a picture of Shelby & I at the Bellflower church) And thank goodness that my dad hooked up the scanner right next to my computer! Lol! I scanned a few of them (oookayyy-maybe like 20 or something) ;) And here they are: *First day of first grade :) Shelby and I going to ILC (Intensive Learning Center)* Top: Me :) at ILC playground Bottom: Me, Ryan and Shells at Knotts probably :) We always went! 2000-2001 :) Class picture I remember a lot of them! :D Back at the house on Woodruff :) *That was my Uncle Jeff's bike in the back I think* CHUNKERS (Ryan) and I :) aww! What happened to him!? Lol jk! Daddy a

Summer Has Come :)

I'm sure you guys are just as excited as I am about these next few months!!! :D I can't wait! Several things I want to do: ~Plenty of photoshoots (posting pictures from those for sure!) ~Get back into photography <3 ~Go to the ocean a lot ~"New" and BRIGHTER wardrobe ;) ~SWIM!!! ~Hang out with my best buds :D ~PEAK '10!!!! (a must on my list) Lol have a fun summer! You can stay updated with me on this blog ;) ~Miss Loony Lane~

No Explanation-No Answer-Not Much

"...And God sent an email explaining everything..." Naww...I don't think it works that way. Sometimes God doesn't always answer with much clarity. Yes, it's true that He has specifically told someone to go preach or to go be a missionary but just sometimes.... sometimes God wants you (and I) to go after something we felt one service. It may not have been a "Here you go. Here is your calling," but more of a slight touch. A will-you-drop-everything-just-because-you-had-a-small-feeling-that-you-would-be-of-great-use-in-the-Kingdom-of-God kind of call? The small touch you felt at the service that changed your life and your walk with God. The call to preach, to be an evangelist, a pastor...or the wife of a great man of God. It's all very important. I know we all want to know what the WILL OF GOD is in our life. We will spend hours in prayer just asking God what it is He wants to do! And usually we just have to go off of a slight touch ... (to be

Crazy Weekend...

Hey everyone :) Hope you all had an awesome memorial day (and weekend)! I did :) I'm sore, sick and tired lol that's how good it was. Saturday: ~we had a family gathering at my about a lot of people! lol ~we rode our bikes to Moses and Jonathan's house. ~rode our bikes to Chaffey ~the boys and guys played in dirt at the Chaffey field ~guys went swimming ~ladies/girls stuck our feet in the pool ~family and friends played a "friendly" game of "softball" ;) lol ~Justin dunked his head in the pool ~I went in the pool all the way (with all my clothes on) :) ~then Michael (my cousin) decided to join me ~then I got out so all the other guys could go swimming ~threw Tristen (cousin) in the pool :) muahaha! ~Someone tried to throw me in but they ended up in there ;) hahaa! ~Dried off and went inside ~Relaxed when everyone left (Brooklynn and Tristen spent the night) ~then cleaned Sunday: ~SORE!!! ~CHURCH!!! in the morning ~Brook and I rode our