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Photo's from today

My mom took some pictures of me today after we went shopping at Ontario Mills. She had bought me a baby blue plaid-ish summery dress, white gladiator shoes, & the hat at V Generation. Thank you so much! It was ssssooooo CHEAP too! I consider you check out that store. Anyways, we decided when we got home she'd do some pictures of me since we have a house that has some really cute "photo spots". Right before taking pictures Korbin decided he wanted to join so she took some pictures of him too :) Love you mommy! Once again, THANK YOU!!! <3> ~Meagan Nicole

styling it up :)

Okay, okay. I was looking through my closet (as I always tend to do) && I looked at my shoes...BLACK, BLACK, BLACK!!! From my heels to my regular tennies...they are pretty much all black!!! UGHHHH!!! Well, I started to look for some thing to put into my wardrobe so I could finally have COLOR! I've been starting to like the Gladiator shoes-yes! After so much of saying "They're ugly!" "My feet don't look good in them!" for the last year, I am finally going to give it a go. :) They are like the ones to the side I believe but in navy blue. Plus! My mom & I may go shopping this weekend just for fun && she said we might be able to get them! LOL Well, thanks mom for saying we could go shopping &&&& get out of the house! :)


I woke up this morning sounding like a man!!!
My voice was hoarse & I could hardly talk because of my sore throat!
But I ended up drinking green tea to make it all better :) LOL but today at school we were sitting down at either snack or lunch and started taking pictures && I had my friend send me this one (below) because it's the only picture I look cute in with my hair in a ponytail (:LOL


I went to school today-of course-because I have testing. I just finished part 2 of Language Arts 8 & tomorrow I'm testing on Social Studies...BORING!!!!!
In 1st period (Math) our teacher hands out snack right before we go and take our tests in another room & thank the Lord with another teacher!!! LOL Well after I started eating it for awhile I felt kinda sick but I payed no attention to it & I just went on with what I was doing. Well I started getting really hot like just a few minutes before the bell was going to ring so we could go to our testing block, and I was asking my friend Emily if I felt hot on my cheeks & forehead...she said yes so I was like oh brother! Right when I need to focus on testing! So when we were in our room for testing I told my other friends Megan, Dania, & Thania to see if I felt hot too. They all said yes...and their hands felt like ice to me. I was stuck with a fever): what a bummer! I decided I wasn't going to go home because I …


Hey everyone...updates :)

Okay-so its the weekend so I'm at my parents house. My dad & brothers (Ryan & Korbin) are outside in the yard working on fixing some sprinklers while I'm inside the house listening to music :) . . .

I have 6 more weeks of school left---kind of sad though because I'm not going to see my friends from elementary/middle school at high school. :.( *tear tear* Well it just means new friends to witness too. :) I am going to see if I could invite a couple friends over on friday so they could come to a youth event that night. Hopefully I can. . .I have been doing really well this school year. I have A's :) I started testing last week so I have 2 more weeks to go-ugh! Dreading it!!! But whatever it takes to get to college right?

OKAAY back on topic of the being "reborn" thing...

I saw a post on my moms blog... ...about me having reborn my fashion sense from tomboy to "girlie"...well in my eyes it's no…