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Keep on movin' on...

Alright you, I have been up for about 4 1/2 hours lol. I slept in today because I did all my work yesterday :) I love Independent Studies :) haha! So, a lot has been going on. I'm moving forward with my walk with God. He is guiding me & leading me down this narrow path. I fell down & there was God, holding His hand out to me. It was just a small fall. I knew I would get back up again the next day but what if I had stayed down? I would have been lost. I would have lost everything God has given me. I would have lost His spirit (the Holy Ghost). I could have stayed down and never tried to get back up again. But God is so good! He reached out to me & said "It's okay. You learned your lesson. Now, let's see how strong you are." :) Past experiences (as well as the future) help you grow stronger & you learn not to do those things again! You don't fall for that temptation again. You're going to win the battle against the devil. :) Be

Felipa's Birthday :)

So on Friday, us girls took some pictures. Sis. Marie, who is an amazing photographer, took our pictures! It was for Felipa's 18th birthday :) lol So much fun!!! It was Felipa, Jasmine, Brittani & I :D crazzyyyyyness, I'm tellin' ya' LOL!!!


HERE IS A PICTURE FROM NO LIMITS!!! These girls are so awesome! Love all of you guys! :) Can't wait for the next youth conference! :) I'm like the youngest in the group lol only 15 & the others are like in their 20's ahaha :) We are either from SoCal/NoCal, Canada or Florida lol :) It was fun meeting you girls :D

The Day After Drama

Hey!!! For Easter weekend, we are doing a drama about the Rapture, called "The Day After". I'm sure many of you Apostolic-Pentecostals have heard or seen it :) This is our first year at my church to do it. At the play practices, it is soooo annointed!!! I can't wait for the BIG OPENING NIGHT on Friday at 7pm!!! If you guys want any extra information about where or when we are doing it, then send me an email or leave a comment! :) Thanks! Hope you guys can come!!! Megg

Apostolic News

So's some news. I'll start from the very beginning & work my way towards today :) NO LIMITS 2010 CONFERENCE First of all, it was a perty big experience for me to go to Sacramento without my parents or family with me! Lol. I was pretty surprised I was able to go with Sis. Stephanie (Hannah's mom), Hannah, Sis. Shirley, & Hannah's little brother David. I had to do extra school work everyday before that week so I wouldn't have A LOT of work to do when I came back!!!! Ahhh! That was the tough part lol. It was so worth it though!!!! Every hour of extra homework payed off! :D The conference was held at The Rock Church, Bro. Myles Young's church. Absolutely amazing! Every service was powerfully annointed! Every person got touched! Every life must have been changed! I know mine was!!! None of the preachers' words fell to the ground! God moved so mightily in every single service! There is no way to describe how it felt. On Friday night, the

Long time no talk...

Hey you guys! :) Sorry it has been so long! Just been really busy lately. I'll update you these next few days of what has taken place :) Hope you guys had a great day! Love y'all so much! :)

Random...I know

So I had the urge to take a picture w/ my glasses....woww LOL! Which one do you like best??? Leave a comment w/ ur answer :) #1 at the top & #4 at the bottom

Hey :)

Hey you guys. Here is a pic off my webcam. I feel so "blaaahhh" today. Ugh! I'm still recovering from being sick :( But on the otherhand, I'm pretty much packed for No Limits. I'm not leaving until like six o'clock though. My mamaw came over for a few minutes to help me do a few last minute touches. (For what I'm wearing for church) So, I chucked some outfits I was going to wear & put new outfits together :) I love my mamaw <3 Gonna be lookin perty fly ;) lol alright you guys! Have an awesome week!!! I'll update as soon as possible!!! I don't think there will be any pictures though :( But anyways, talk to y'all later
Hey peoples :) I'm leaving for No Limits pretty soon!!!! It's in Sacramento so I'll have a pretty long drive lol I can't wait to hear some really annointed preaching from Bro. Cody Marks !!! It's going to be great!!!! So how are you guys??? Anything new??