Families are Forever

My family is large...and we will all stay together no matter what happens.
I HONESTLY CANNOT remember most of my moms side!
Her family is many times larger!!!
So let's see who I can remember on my dads side.
Let's start with the great-grandparents...
~Levon (Grandpa Great)
~Eunice (Grandma Great)
~Buster (Papaw)
~Marion (Mamaw)
~Jason (Daddy)
~Marisela (Mommy-Jason's wife))
~Jared (Uncle Jared)
~Nicole (Auntie Nicole-Jared's wife)
~Jimmy (Uncle Jimmy)
~Shelly (Auntie Shelly-Jimmy's wife)
~Jeffrey (Uncle Jeffrey)
~Kristy (Auntie Kristy-Jeffrey's wife)
now for the 13 coousins on dads side...
~Justin (Nicole's son)
~Jonathan (Nicole's son)
~Meagan (ME-Jason & Mari's daughter)
~Michael (Nicole's son)
~Brooklynn (Jimmy's dughter)
~Tristen (Jimmy's son)
~Logan (Jared's son)
~Ryan (Jason & Mari's son-my brother!)
~Madison (Jared's daughter)
~Morgan (Jimmy & Shelly's daughter)
~Korbin (Jason & Mari's son-my brother!)
~Baby Jared (Jared & Nicole's son)
~London (Jimmy & Shelly's daughter-in tummy)

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