Science Olympiad 2012

*insert Meagan's seriously happy nerdy face*

:) <3

I signed up for Science Olympiad (2012) and we are finally getting to learn the material over the next month and a half. Our first tournament is March 3rd. :)

Extra info: 24 different events ranging from building robots (physics), solving water pollution problem (environmental), solving a crime (forensics), handling chemicals (chemistry), and telling the difference betweeen trees (forestry) AND so much more!!! 15 people per school to compete. Need to be great in 2 subjects in order to have a better chance of winning. Regional, State, and then National.

If you didn't already know, or could tell by this post yet, I am a MAJOR science nerd when it comes to Chemistry and Forensics. AND I'm planning on being a science major in college, so :) more the reason to have this to put on a college application.

I chose Forensics and Chemistry, both are going to be dealing with labs and chemicals, as my two events. 30 people signed up total, so they are going to be narrowing the team down to 15 in the next 2 weeks. I have a feeling I'll be able to get on the official team.


Dreaming of Nationals already ;)

The Future Chemist and Forensic Expert

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