My First Missions Trip (Part 2)

Day 2.. We went to Cholula, where there is a church on a hill and the pyramids right below it..

This is a small "Italian Coffee Company" where I planned on having my coffees and morning breakfast... :) a cute placeright across from the Cathedral. Beautiful at night!

More buildings.. Through the windows, I could see GORGEOUS chandeliers and beautiful furniture... I was in awe... Seriously lol

Me, Brittany & Karoline :) waiting to get on the bus

You can see where we are headed...

Gary & I sitting on the ledge lol
Yeaaaaa, tried not to fall over the edge!

The steep climb.. You coud either go up a ramp or take stairs
Stairs were the WORST!

The next climb was pretty steep
Needless to say, I ran up these LOL

The view from the top of the stairs


Part of the group :) I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know every one on this trip

So... I'm adventurous.. I went around the gate to the edge of another building..

Cool picture though, right? ;) Lol

Another adventurous one (Gary)

And another (Jacob) lol

Well, this is an Insane Asylum right down the hill.
We could see the people

We can never take too many pictures :) SMILE!

Inside the church

You weren't considered a "missionary" until you ate a cricket
They tasted like pumpkin seeds...
We even had them for dessert later this night LOL
I'm not joking people :)

One picture of the pyramids on the other side of the hill :)

I think this picture captured everyone on our missions trip:)

Bus ride back to the hotel! Choir practice on full stomachs lol!

And here, we ended our night with choir practice
(well, in pictures at least lol the fun kept going & going all night)

Stay tuned for more pictures!

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Mary Frances said...

I WISH I had known that there was a missions trip to Puebla being planned, I probabley would have GONE!!! Next time TELL ME PEOPLE!!!