Which Path Am I On?

Life is beautiful. YOU are beautiful...

I wish we took more time to breathe, relax, and live in the moment. The hustle and bustle gets old really quick. Vacations should happen more often and spontaneous trips are a must. On one of my impromptu adventures to Newport Beach to meet up with a friend, I met a lovely young lady named Cailee (Hi!!)  at a store called LUSH. They have great natural skin care products that I had to try and we ran into her. She commented on how cute my outfit was and my friend said I should be a style blogger. Ha! What a compliment but I don't think so ;)

We got to talking about what I post on my blog, how we don't wear makeup, and our careers, family history in the church, what we wanted to do in life... You know, girl talk! I am 20 years old and I already have a career. I am working towards a goal and making a great future for myself, both in the real world and spiritually. Most young people my age don't know what they are going to do with their life. The world says young people need to party and have fun, YOLO, right? Well, what kind of a future is that building them? There is a false sense of security, that after your 20s you can settle down and get your dream job. Hello! That's not real! The people who are successful started young and they were extremely dedicated and focused on accomplishing their goals in their early 20s. I don't want to be confused about where my life is going... I want to know what path I'm taking! The decisions I make TODAY create my future!
With that being said, I want to know what path I'm on spiritually too. The ups and downs are a part of the journey. The storms, trials, struggles.. They are making a better Meagan. A Meagan who can give help and lead others to God. I souled out a long time ago, at a young age. My life is in God's hands and I'm not confused about what I believe. Imagine if I were? I'd be persuaded by every little lie the media tells. I'd be confused about all these religions, I wouldn't know what to believe!

I'm thankful I'm not confused! I'm confident in my stance and walk with God! Decide today to be truly dedicated and know where you are going.