I'm Not Far Away-POEM

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So back to business :)


Awhile back ago, I was writing a lot of poems.
Pretty much anything from fantasy to reality.
I always loved writing and putting rhymes that make you think or that almost lead you to tears...
Like the spiritual ones that have a lot of meaning to me.
Really... I love it <3

---Here is one---

I'm Not Far Away


You've received the Holy Ghost
And have been baptized in My name.
Yet I have noticed, you are falling away.

You can't make up your mind
About who to serve.
Baby girl, it's Me or the world.

If you let Satan take over...
You're old enough to know
That the place he rules is the bottomless pit below.

However, My daughter,
If you choose Me
You'll be saved from what is unknown
And help Me rule in Heaven
Where there are treasures untold.

Daughter, please make up your mind today.
You know I'm coming.
I'm not far away.

-Your Father, God

(Written by Meagan Rowell)

This one has so much meaning to me. I had everything bottled up and I let it out on paper (and prayer). My family member.. I'll call this person "Jane" ..can't make up her mind on who to please. It's always between Mom & Dad. The mom is a backslider and the dad faithfully goes to church. Jane wants to please both of them by being in the world with her mom and wearing skirts with her dad... I'm sad that she can't just make up her mind and serve and please God. We always talk to her about it. Almost every time I am with her, it comes up. Is she going to love God more than anyone else??

I'm getting emotional as I write.. I love her so much and I don't want to see her lost... I have faith that through prayer, God will make a way. It's not His will that anyone should perish. So I know that she will be saved.. I cry thinking about it but I know God is doing a work behind the scenes. He always does.

That's why this poem has so much meaning to me.

If you are reading this, I love you Jane

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