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I GOT THE LOOK...But is that Enough?

Sorry for the lack of blogging...

Here is an awesome post from my sissy, Courtney Thaler :), about what is more important than getting the "look"... <3

"I GOT THE LOOK...But is that Enough?

Sunday night I was sitting in church. I was looking around and my eye landed on a new convert. God began to show me things that I never really realized. As young apostolic women we love to try the newest styles on our hair. And being a new convert there is a strong desire to look the part. Though as first the length isn't there, you learn the poofs, buns, curls, twists, knotts, and the the famous pin curl. Your style begins to mimic those that surround you. Your poofs get higher and your tights get brighter. People in church try to give you clothes that cover you (thank God it is really helpful), then you discover thrift stores. So, finally you find yourself saying "I GOT THE LOOK." Well thats all fine and dandy but do you have HIS HEART? Do you desire holiness or are you secretly wishing you could trim your ends? Do you truly believe what the preacher preached or behind closed doors are you wearing make-up (thinking no one will notice)? Or are you just doing it to please those around you? I want to be the first to tell you that the one you need to please is the only Lord God Your Savior. I want you to know just because you look "Apostolic" does not mean you will make it in. Honey, people see right through that... I want you to know that Holiness is a matter of the heart something that you have to get for yourself, something that God gives as a revelation and once you get it you will see that this world has nothing for you.

Heres How I Know...
I wasn't raised in the church..Shocking I know! So, that means I wore pants and I was not modest..AT ALL. In the words of my loving older brother "She dressed like a Hooch." He was right. I had no respect for myself. My tops were always low cut, pants were super tight, and if I wore a skirt it was super short. I didn't know any better I thought all people looked and dressed like that. I thought I was hideous without make-up. You see I have acne and was ashamed, oh and I wanted to bring out my blue eyes. As you can imagine dressing that way brought all types of attention, well all types of bad attention. No one really looked at my for me, they looked a me to see the world painted on my face. Now heres the funny part, I THOUGHT I WAS CHRISTIAN. Yes, dressing like that I went to church. If someone suggested for me to cover up I would say, "don't look." Mind you many factors played into this attitude that I wont be mentioning, but know that I was in pain on the inside. So, when I got saved (for reals LOL) I knew I didn't want to look anything like the world. I wanted to reflect nothing of the old Courtney, but I desired to reflect my Lord. So, I did, I gave my pants away, threw away my make up, started covering my body, and gained respect for myself. I may not have understood why fully at first but my pastor preached it, and obiedience is better than sacrifice so I obeyed....KEY HERE I LISTENED TO MY PASTOR. As I developed a prayer life convictions developed, meaning once I got in touch with God on my own I understood what my pastor was saying. Then I started searching the scripture for reasons why we dress like we do. I desired too, be seperate from the world, dress modestly, and wanted nothing to do with mens apparel.
All it takes is a relationship. The only way to make it is by following His word. And if you want a short answer to the question... ITS NOT ENOUGH..
Hearts <3>"


Amber said…
Great post!! So true!:D's been 9 days Miss Meagan:p Looking forward to your next post:D

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