Bible Quizzer

Umm.... I had no idea what I was getting myself into lol!

This is my first year of Bible Quizzing and man! I love it!!!!! :D I can't wait to go to the competitions!! :D We have to learn over 400 verses but as Bro. Vick & Brendan said "Don't look at the numbers." It's easier when you don't look at numbers and you just memorize and go over them everyday!!!

I'm so excited!!! It has motivated me to get done with schoolwork lol. I hope we have a good (NOOO, a GREAT!) team so we can go to more competitions. :) Fun & traveling!

Which teams do you know that are awesome Bible Quizzers?? Do you have any tips for a first time BQ??? :)


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! You'll do great. A couple of sites that may be helpful are upcquiz.com and aryouth.com/information-page.html (though, the second site still has stuff from last year!)

The biggest tip is to stay dedicated no matter how hectic it gets. God's word will change your life and Bible quizzing helps us to stay dedicated to the Word! Everyday studying is required (actually quoting the verse word for word without looking at it) if you want to be successful. Looking forward to seeing you around the quiz world!

-Ryan O'Neil

Meagan Rowell said...

Thank you for the tips Ryan!! :) I checked out the Bible Quizzing site on the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship site the other night and it was very helpful and up to date. I'll make sure to check out the ones you mentioned!

Thanks a bunch!! Are you in the UPC organization or the WPF??

Kendra Thaler said...

Woo hoo! Yay for bible quizzing. I can't wait for the next practice. I am going to be helping you guys learn verses in small groups. You have great coaches! One of them is really cute :) heeeey! LOL :) If you stay dedicated and focused YOU WILL DO GREAT!!

Savannah U. said...

Yay Go Meagan!!! I'm quizzing too!lol This is my second year, and it was so much fun my first year! And I know it will be fun this year too you will do great!!:)luv ya girl

ShanSoPink said...

that's really cool! I had never even heard of bible quizzing until I went to youth congress a couple years ago.
You'll do great! Have fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats so awesome! you'll love it! Are you quizzing with Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship or UPC?

Meagan Rowell said...


I'm quizzing with WPF :) what about you?? are you quizzing??

Anonymous said...

No, i wish. maybe next year