Beautiful weather brightens my day :)

Wow, the weather in SoCal has been lovely ♥
Rainy & then out pops the sun :) with a pretty rainbow.
Great combo!

I spent 3 days out of my 4-day weekend at my grandparent's house. Some people say their grandparent are "boring" or "too old to have fun" and that's why they don't have a really great relationship with them. Well, I am the total opposite! My Mamaw & Papaw are THEE best of the best!!

Thursday night, my mom dropped me off at Barnes & Nobles bookstore for about an hour and a half :) read cookbooks the ENTIRE time. Can't get enough of those things lol. I got a call from Mamaw saying she was going to pick me up for the weekend. Timing couldn't have been better. I had the most miserable week and I need a break from it all!!! Packing for a wedding on Saturday and church on Sunday, I had a pretty big pile of clothes ;) reminded me of getting ready for PEAK except on a smaller scale.

Friday, my cousins Mallorey & Shelby (and Shell's boyfriend) hung out at the mall after they got out of school. Fun cousin-times!! :D Hilarious memories lol..

(Mallorey & I at Icing, I think.)

Saturday was Dane & his wife's wedding :) we stayed for a few hours. Then Mamaw took Brook & I shopping ♥ but the BAD to this was, we were in our heels and wedding clothes still :/ ohh, you don't even want to know the pain we were in. (at least 4 hours walking around the mall) Brook got a ton of compliments on her skirt. STORY: When we were in the shoe store, a guy comments to Mamaw, "Ma'am, you all look very nice." :) Brightened my day for sure.

(Richard & I at the wedding)

Sunday, Brook & I got to wear our new clothes :) we deserved it too ;) lol after walking all over the mall on Saturday and trying to find cute outfits!

Monday was spent pretty much at home but I had Mom drop me off at Borders :) I got my FIRST cookbooks!!! ♥ ahhh!!! I was sooo happy! I can't wait to cook and bake!

For the record, I LOVE MY MAMAW & PAPAW! They do everything to make their grandkids happy ♥ no matter what it is. They make me happy all the time :) I love you!

The End...


Kendra Thaler said...

Walking for 4 hours in heels! Ouch!!! Remember me walking in heels up hills when we went to see the lights?! Um never again lol I loved that white jacket by the way :)

Meagan Rowell said...

Lol it was more than 4 hours ;) it was from Noon to 9pm :) I'm proud of myself actually... well, not that the fact when we got out of the car to go inside the house I was screaming bloody murder because my feet were on fire ;) HAHAHAH!!!

And thank you! :) I love-th it