i miss mayfair :'(

oh my oh my. boy oh boy :( how much do i miss mayfair??? here is the answer...ALOT! i cant believe im not there but that im at waite. ugh. its hard to go to a school where there isnt anybody who knows me like you guys do (mayfair besties). i cant give up on you guys because we HAVE to stay friends...no matter what. its getting harder cuz, of course, our homework is giving us less time to chat and hang out...birthday parties are probably the only times that ill see you. MAYBE you can come to mine thats coming SOON :))___although it will be hard considering i mite move but we'll try...rite??? you guys are my best friends. . .we come to far to give up on being friends. it mite not be easy but we'll do it. [just have faith]

"There will be mountains, and there will be battles that i willl have to fight but victory or defeat its up to me to decide but how can i expect to win if i never try. i just cant give up now. iv come to far from where iv started from. nobody told me the road would be easy."

Madison V.B. ---> bestie fa life! i miss you so much!!! you have no idea how boring it is at my new school. its like im TOTALLY seperated...now i find myself saying at MY school (mayfair) then i have to correct myself saying...My old school!!! ugh its heart breaking man! lol i mention you alot to my NEW friends...but they really arent like you or anybody else from mayfair <---- there i go saying that im officially seperated from you guys...love you :)

Morenne ---> ohkay...your another BESTIE... you were there for me... :) ... i only met you a few months before school ended so i didnt have a chance to be your best friend for a LONG time. i had so many friends but you & maddie were my favorites...i cant stop thinking bout the letter i gave you && maddie...even tho i cant remember what i wrote :) lol oh well its been awesome spending time with you at mayfair <---- :(( ...love you too :)

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