my fAmILy

OK well my family consists of my mother, Mari Rowell, my daddy, Jason Rowell, && 2 brothers, Ryan & Korbin Rowell. Do not ask me all the hundreds of family members I have on both my mom & dads sides. There are too MANY Rowells & Salazars for me to remember. lol I usually end up saying,"Hey how are you?". And then it would end up me asking my mom or dad who was she/he. My dad is a motorcycle rider. He has got his Harley & Victory bikes[Harley is mine]. :)) lol My mom is a educated person. She got her bachelors degree & is now STILL working on her masters. I don't know what subject they are though. I think her bachelors was in teaching & masters is in business but I am not really sure. OKKK now its time for my naughty brothers lol Ryan is a video game freak!!! He is actually playing one right now believe it or not. Korbin, the one in the video, is a baby/toddler whatever youy call it, and he LOVES to play the drums!!! Its so cute because he can kinda play good for a 2 year old :)) PROUD OF HIM

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