Family Christmas Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday afternoon christmas pictures from my moms camera. They turned out cute and hope you enjoy them. :] cousins
[jonathan is lost in the back]

Jonathan, Korbin, and me

Jonathan, Korbin, Ryan, Logan, and me

Morgan, Brooklynn, Tristen, Michael, Justin, Jared, and Madison

Jonathan and Korbin

Justin and baby Jared

grandbabies ;]

Me and Brooklynn's birthday picture
[birthdays are in the next week or 2]

My brother Ryan and I
just goofing off

Justin and I
we look werid but it's a funny picture

Now Justin and I are ready to smile
but Jonathan was caught off gaurd
The women and little ladies in the family

Papaw with [L-R]
Auntie Nicole, Auntie Shelly, my mom, and Auntie Kristy

Mamaw with [L-R]
Uncle Jimmy, my dad, Uncle Jared, and Uncle Jeffrey

Mommys' and Daddys'
couples pictures


Jason and Mari Rowell said...

Cute picture...WOW, they were with my camera :-)


may-gin :) said...

ya i know...im going to take that camera away from you!!! lol jkjkjk

The Rowell Bunch said...

awwwwwwwww they are all so cute :)

Nice Blog

Love Auntie Nicole

Marion said...

Meagan, Your blog site is really cute. I enjoyed reading it. It makes me happy to see you loving your family like you do.

may-gin :) said...

thanks mamaw...
& thank you auntie nicole

Mimi said...

Hey those are some really cute pics!!!



may-gin :) said...

thank you!
they were taken on my moms camera...
i cant wait to see the ones sis. marie took!

ERICKA said...

awwww so cute!!!!:)