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My Burden Right NOW

I got back from our youth party around 1-1:30am. I couldn't read because I left my book in my parents car & they are at a hotel in Disneyland. And I can't go to sleep at all, so I decided I can do some blogging.
Well, I decided to click on my aunt Nicole's blog & look through some posts I might not have read already. So I scrolled down to one & she was saying how we have to someone to believe in...& that is JESUS. She was just saying some stuff that was making some tears leave my eyes & roll down my cheeks. [I know, I am a big cry baby ;)] So I after I read that post I felt like I needed to pray...& I still need to get off the computer & pray! But I needed to type this first!!! Before I forget anything!
Let me just tell you some things about God most people in our world today have heard but will never try to listen or will never hear beccause we haven't told them.GOD IS OUR STRENGTH when we feel weak. When we are on the floor at altar call to being at work & feeling depressed! CALL ON THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! He is going to be there for you no matter what happens in your life.
GOD is merciful & forgiving. If you sin, REPENT & don't do it again! HE forgave you & that's all that matters. Don't care what those other people think. You repented. Those people shouldn't worry that you did that anymore because GOD FORGAVE YOU! You need to know that! Thank Him.
God gave us time. Time to save our loved ones from pain all eternity in hell!!! God is going to come. We have less time than ever to get them back in church. Yet, God is giving us a few more minutes to reach out & grab ahold of somebody. A backslider, an athiest, ANYBODY! Let's try to bring them to church & get filled with the Holy Ghost. Let us see those prophecies of more people in church come! Our relatives need to be brought back to church. They HAVE to be brought back. We NEED them back. THEY want to be back but seem to not be able to. Put every need aside that is less important & put the burden of bringing back family members & backsliders. GOD IS GIVING US TIME!



Wow....Megan you made me cry. You have a burden for the lost everytime you feel the way you did last night get on your face and pray. God is using you to pray for them that need the strenth at that moment. I am proud of you and you are turning into a great leader for Jesus!

Love You,

Auntie Nicole~
Mimi said…
WOW!!! Meg that is awesome. I just love seing what God is doing in your life... We need young people that are sensitive to God in this and other ways...
I luv you,

may-gin :) said…
thank you. LOVE you both!
Marion said…
Meg are amazing sometimes! I hope you will always let God use you. Someone will read this someday and be blessed for the word of encouragement the Lord gave you. I love you so much!

may-gin :) said…
thanks you im only "amazing" sometimes? lol...

amazing is :
a person breathing fire
juggling knives on your feet

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