a lil' update

Well, it is Valentines Day. Got a valentine? I don't =] lol. But thats okay. I'm fine. [tear] hahahaha jk jk jk Last night [Friday the 13th] my youth group did a drama for our church & guests. It was $15 for adults & $7 for kids. this included food & dessert...the whole charades okay lol.it was at least 2 hours...a little bit over for the drama. We served people in costume. It was really fun & we looked really pretty.

pictures to come later =]


The Rowell Bunch said...

Huh you took my kids background :( go look at their blog on my blog click on five gentlemen and one princess

The Rowell Bunch said...

Meggy Pie I was just kidding :)

LOve Ya,

Auntie Nicole