No One But Me! - Poem

No One But Me!
There’s no one to be but me.
Why should I do what others do?
I’ll just look like them from the inside and out.
That dark make-up just isn’t my thing.
Piercings and tattoos aren’t my thing too.
And I hope it’s the same with you.

Why should I do what others want?
When all along, me is what I need to flaunt.
I want to be me with the hair and clothes.
I don’t want to change for anyone or anything.

Why should I do what others say?
I don’t want to join the bandwagon,
Or the fake brigade.
It’s just me and my words that I need.

Why should I try to change?
When I’m perfect the way I am.
Dimples, freckles, and my messy hair
I feel I’m pretty so why should I care.

Why should I want what others have?
My life may be bad,
My friends aren’t that great,
But I wouldn’t trade the world for what I have today.

Meagan Rowell

Emily Miller

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