Makeover Status

Alrite...I've been having some MAJOR makeover status in the passed few weeks to a month. Starting with going to a school function in a white ilete [?] flowy skirt, blue & white striped top, yellow cardigan, & red gel flats.

Where I got them from:

White skirt- hand-me-down from an aunt
Striped top- hand-me-down from a lady in our church
Yellow cardigan- Fashion Avenue
Red shoes- Old Navy

I've been trying new hairstyles [rite now its in a low side bun w/ a small braid in it & a red flower w/ red strings attached.] I have so far had good results and it compliments my facial features. I've also been going for "back in the day" style. I should have lived back then =] LOL its really cute...i chose an outfit for church tomorrow that I'll have a picture of for the blog. Again it is "old" style.

Black & White Tweed wrap-a-round
[White shirt under]
Black patterned nylons
Black old style pumps I've had for several years
Red purse
Red hair piece

I am really into this fashion thing as you can tell ;] LOL
At least I'm not a total tomboy anymore rite memaw?? =]
I've been looking at myself differently & what I needed to do to accomplish a good look for me. It's been going not so good considering all the junk I eat but I'm going to cut down on it all...I hope. ahahaha.

send me pics of whats in & out
what you thinks cute or not
do's & dont's

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Jason and Mari Rowell said...

Your Mommy ;-) agrees with all the junk food comment.... (cough, cough)...lol... love ya ...

You've been looking very cute with your new styles.

:-) Mom