Hiya ;)

Alright-I know I haven't been blogging in awhile besides putting up pictures & that sort-so I decided to do a little update :) Well, my parents decided to rent a house near the high school I'm going to attend next year. I am excited but I am going to spend the last 2 months of school at my grandparents house so I get to finish up the last year of middle school. YAY!!!! LOL I finally get to finish at one school ;) My parents & brothres are moving in tomorrow.

Another thing is that I got a ton of compliments on what I wore yesterday. It was just a simple wrap black Converse dress w/ a black long sleeve underneath & a black skirt. My hair was a simple bun w/ a leopard print scarf thing. LOL :) My aunt was saying that I'm finally getting into the girl stage ;)

Pictures to come GOD BLESS

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