styling it up :)

Okay, okay. I was looking through my closet (as I always tend to do) && I looked at my shoes...BLACK, BLACK, BLACK!!! From my heels to my regular tennies...they are pretty much all black!!! UGHHHH!!! Well, I started to look for some thing to put into my wardrobe so I could finally have COLOR! I've been starting to like the Gladiator shoes-yes! After so much of saying "They're ugly!" "My feet don't look good in them!" for the last year, I am finally going to give it a go. :) They are like the ones to the side I believe but in navy blue. Plus! My mom & I may go shopping this weekend just for fun && she said we might be able to get them! LOL Well, thanks mom for saying we could go shopping &&&& get out of the house! :)

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