I went to school today-of course-because I have testing. I just finished part 2 of Language Arts 8 & tomorrow I'm testing on Social Studies...BORING!!!!!

In 1st period (Math) our teacher hands out snack right before we go and take our tests in another room & thank the Lord with another teacher!!! LOL Well after I started eating it for awhile I felt kinda sick but I payed no attention to it & I just went on with what I was doing. Well I started getting really hot like just a few minutes before the bell was going to ring so we could go to our testing block, and I was asking my friend Emily if I felt hot on my cheeks & forehead...she said yes so I was like oh brother! Right when I need to focus on testing! So when we were in our room for testing I told my other friends Megan, Dania, & Thania to see if I felt hot too. They all said yes...and their hands felt like ice to me. I was stuck with a fever): what a bummer! I decided I wasn't going to go home because I had alot of stuff to do today that was way too important. But my friend Timothy(who sits right next to me) was trying to be funny throughout the whole test to try to make me feel better & at least smile :) so that was nice of him because I did smile...but throughout the rest of the day I felt miserable!!! Right now I'm feeling a little bit better but still feeling a little sick. :(

BUT!!!! I was so bored when I got home from school that I decided to do something later. Whatever came up in my noggin...& just a few hours ago a "photoshoot" came in mind. LOL yes, a photoshoot...I do one-try to at least-every few months...they're really fun & cheer me up alot. :) Here are a couple pictures.

Oh I also wanted to say "HI MOMMY!!!" ;) I miss you and daddy soooo much! mi corazon es ??? -how do you say sad in spanish??? LOL I forgot. Well tell Korbin & Ryan I said I love them too and see them Friday! mucho vesitos!!!??? LOL

OOO! And thank you Mamaw & Papaw for letting me stay with you guys!!! You are 2 of my favorite grandparents in the whole wide world!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! If you need any help-make sure you let me know :))

-Meagan Nicole

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Jason and Mari Rowell said...


Cute pictures!! I really like the black and white one. We need to print them :-)